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Note: A Note about Karma

Base: General Archive 1998
Keywords: deaf ears
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 03:04:10 GMT
From: Cat Rambo <spezzatura@gmail.com>

I was talking to someone the other day, and realized there's a couple of misconceptions about karma. Lemme take a stab at explaining it.

Karma isn't really something you rack up for amazing moments of roleplay, which should actually be enjoyable in and of themselves. Karma is about trust. If you have enough karma to run a sorcerer, we're saying we trust you to be able to run one... to play one reasonably, not take advantage of code bugs to max her or him out, and to roleplay the character, not sit going gather/gather/cast/gather/gather/cast in a fine display of powergaming. Or if you can run an elementalist, we're trusting you to read the docs, to know how society in general regards magick, and to play according to those tenets. Or a psi.. again, we expect you to roleplay, not sit in a room fine-tuning locate. We know you'll advance those skills appropriately.

What gets us to trust you? Well, I dunno. That's obviously a tricky and subjective thing. Generally if you've played a long time, we tend to form an opinion, which may or may not be merited. Obviously, we're human too. Most of us.

But I can list a few things which might have a negative aspect on trust:

coordinating stuff on isca ('Hey! I just died to a halfling! Go get my stuff!' or 'Yeah, the short, thin so and so killed me.'), maxing skills, ignoring the virtual world ('I don't have to talk to that NPC, there's no imm inside it at the moment.'), engaging in acts which might be construed as whining, asking for a bunch of favors or information that you don't know IC, having your character act on knowledge he or she shouldn't have, abusing code bugs, acting out of character, not bothering to read the docs or help files.... well, you get the picture. And I'll be the first to admit, we have long memories. However, I've seen a lot of people move from being considered twinks to being considered fine additions to the game, who enhance it with their play.

But you could be a great roleplayer, with emotes that leave us all going, 'Woah! Cool!' and still not have us trust you. I can think of at least six people who fit in this category, right off the top of my head. We just think, based on what we've seen, that the person will abuse a more powerful character. Feel free to work on changing our opinion through your play. This'll serve you in a lot better stead than harassing any imm on isca or through mail to argue about it.

I hope that's helpful. If people like, this could be brought up at the meeting to make any clarifications.

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