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Feedback: Immortal Interactions

Base: General Archive 2001
Re: Feedback Staff Interactions - only bad? (Dusk)
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 18:24:18 GMT
From: Sanvean <sanvean@ginka.armageddon.org>

The experiences will vary from player to player, and depend on the immortal as well. I can only relate my own experiences. Generally, I prefer to do "non-corrective" NPC actions, to switch into the bartender and gossip with a patron, or the fortune teller in the bazaar in order to utter dire prophecies. Unfortunately, that's not always possible.

Circumstances under which I might possess an NPC (in no particular order):

  1. Have a breather from doing other stuff, notice either a large cluster of PCs or someone that I've noted as being interesting/enjoyable to interact with. The times when I'm free for these moments are, alas, few and far between.
  2. Be answering a wish, such 'There's a guy here in the Sanc doing X, could the bartender kick him out?'
  3. Notice someone doing something they shouldn't, like ignoring NPC guards, or spam stealing from a merchant that's shouting 'Thief! Thief!'
  4. Advancing a plotline. Pretty self-explanatory.

Please note that there's a hierarchy on the staff -- not all immortals can communicate directly with players, and some (the majority, in fact) need to find IC ways to answer wishes, such as possessing an NPC.

There are certain player reactions to realizing there's an immortal in the room, most of which tend to contribute to a somewhat jaded attitude on the staff. A few of these:

  • The "Ooooh! Teacher! Ooooh! Teacher!" Approach: Suddenly people who never emoted before begin wild, spectacular emotes, dropping faint, almost imperceptible nods, speaking in tongues, balancing daggers on their noses, etc.
  • The "While I Have Your Attention" Approach: Players subtly work requests for special items into their dialogue, as in "Gazing over at the bar, the husky dwarf says, in sirihish, 'Saaaaay, Ranlish, your cousin was in the other day and wearing this really nice red sandcloth cloak with pockets and a hood, think he could find me one?'"
  • The "Shit! It's a Imm. Flee self; flee self; flee self" Approach: This consists of quitting out immediately, with no sign that you've noticed whatever it was that happened. Guaranteed to piss off immortals.

Personally, when I play, I play, and don't really care too much who else is around. My character wanders through the city, looking for clove scented incense, or rides around talking philosophy with her kank, or whatever. Most of the NPC bard songs are ones I wrote when running a bard, and while some of them had their first moments off the cuff in the Trader's, others I sat and roleplayed out making up, muttering as I tried to figure out the rhymes. Why? Because I tend to like my characters. They interest me, and I try to flesh them out psychologically as much as possible. I like RP-ing with other people, and I'll choose that over sitting alone -- but generally my characters have plenty to keep them occupied even when there's no one else in the city.

However, I know that's not everyone's style, and that's cool too. I do think that when you're playing, you need to take into account the virtual world around you (I think I've posted about this before, so I'll avoid rehashing that) - and think about whether what your character is doing is reasonable or not.

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