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Feedback: Couple notes on karma

Base: General Archive 2001
Re: So long and thanks for the spice... (Voice of Reason)
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 17:13:26 GMT
From: Cat Rambo <spezzatura@gmail.com>

We're addressed this before. I think the first time I took a stab at it was here: http://www.armageddon.org/HyperNews/get/general-archive/328.html

I won't go back over the points covered there, but I will say this, which is addressed not to the original poster, but the general population of Armageddon. In some ways, the anonymity of the Internet is not your friend here. I've been burned by so many people earnestly swearing up and down that they had no idea why whatever has happening, that they didn't know X was a bug, that they never ever gave anyone OOC knowledge, etc., that nowadays I don't automatically believe people in the way I used to when I first started playing. In other words, I don't automatically extend my trust, but ask that new folks demonstrate to me first that they won't abuse it.

And I know that this is a jaded and cynical way of viewing the world, and I deeply regret its necessity, but it's turned out that the other way leads to problems.

People do get overlooked. That's one of the reasons we have the system of sponsored characters; we don't stick strictly to karma on those occasions because the world is grey and there are always exceptions. But there's also a lot of people assuming they're the exception when they're not and I must admit, I find these folk annoying when they're taking up time that I'd rather be spending on coding or building. I am, as has been pointed out many times on this board, human, as is the rest of the staff.

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