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Re: Question Karma: Is it a Yin or a Yang thing? (Shoka Windrunner)
Re: Warning Karma drives some players away from arm (Boxman)
Keywords: like it or not, karma is here to stay. for the moment.
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:26:44 GMT
From: Sanvean <sanvean@ginka.armageddon.org>

Regarding this driving players away from Armageddon. Well, yes and no. Running a magick user requires a fairly good idea of the world, and the attitude towards magickers as well as good roleplay. Get someone brand new in here, and the chances are high that either a) they're going to roleplay it badly, and get annoyed at the staff for trying to correct them or b) not understanding how the game works and get annoyed at the staff for trying to correct them. In either case, you've got a high potential for someone getting on the game, getting frustrated and quitting after one character because they don't understand how the game works.

Regardless of people's memories of what it was like pre-karma days, I can testify as a staff member that there were much much higher proportions of of magick-users than there are now.

I think anyone starting the game for the first time has a steep and daunting learning curve. Throwing additional frustration their way is not going to work well, in most cases.

Beyond this, no matter how much or how well we test a new spell or psionic ability, some bugs and problems are not going to emerge until a player is steadily banging away on it during the course of play. For this reason, I'd prefer knowing that the people running the characters who get those skills are people who will report problems and pitfalls with them.

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