City Allanak (Geography)

Allanak is possibly the richest single civilization in the Known World, in total wealth. This prosperity is, however, very unevenly distributed across the population. The life of the average Allanaki citizen is one of strife--expensive and degenerate living conditions, coupled with a nearly omnipotent ruler who watches every move his subjects make. The nobility live in opulent splendor, as do the templar servants of the city-state's king, the Highlord Tektolnes.

The city occupies the central part of the Southlands region once known as Vrun Driath, and is surrounded by desert and wastelands on all sides. Food supplies come from numerous small farming villages in the area, as well as from Red Storm East. Allanak is the foremost source of obsidian armor and weaponry in the Known World, controlling its own obsidian mines some distance west of the city.

For all its richness, the economy of Allanak is typically undergoing wild fluctuations and is under much strain. Wrote Tektolnes's Senior Templar (and bastard child) Cohran, "His Gloriousness's recent attempt to purify the minds of his people by banning the trade of the spice will certainly have grave ramifications on the well-being of the average man." And so it appeared to have been: with merchants murdered in the night and secret dealings in dark alleys, much of the Allanaki economy has moved underground, the result being that many more honest merchants have been driven out of business, and the general prosperity has declined. While the banning of spice was made many years ago now, its repercussions are still felt in the modern style of Allanaki trade.

The city is divided into several Quarters. While most citizens are free to come and go as they will, three sections of the city are worthy of special mention: the Templars' Quarter, the Nobles' Quarter, and the Labyrinth. The Templars' and Nobles' Quarters are open only to the nobility and the Templarate of Allanak, and to their servants and slaves. The Labyrinth (often referred to as the 'rinth) is home to most of Allanak's criminal population, and most citizens avoid it like the plague. Strangely enough, the 'rinth is also where many of the city's small to medium-sized business contracts are negotiated, now that much of the economy has gone underground.

Every whim of Highlord Tektolnes instantly becomes Allanaki law, and his templar soldier-priests enforce it with brutal efficiency. The nobles of the city are the Highlord's puppets, their lives spent gathering popular support and serving in a Senate whose decisions are somehow always in perfect accord with His Gloriousness's latest decree. Some of the more commonly known of the noble houses are: Borsail, Tor, Oash, Fale, and Rennik.

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