City Luirs Outpost (Geography)

The outpost which resides upon the Shield Wall about halfway between Allanak and Tuluk is called Luir's Outpost. It is apparently so named for an ancient scholar who once lived in the region and constructed most of the buildings from his own architectural designs. For the last few Ages, Merchant House Kurac has owned the Outpost and has conducted a brisk spice trade from within its walls. Many of the tribes from the surrounding regions also come to the Outpost, trading in colorfully dyed clothing, worked animal pelts and more.

Kurac took the outpost itself from raiders long ago. Soldiers of Allanak or Tuluk have at times posted soldiers at the Outpost, although it is currently fully under Kurac control. Soldiers, nobles and templars of either citystate are welcome but have no legal powers within its walls other than what the power of their city's might allows them to assume. The buildings are made from a strange black stone and topped with curved horns of epic proportions, creating a grim atmosphere.

The Outpost Commander and the military under his or her command run Luir's Outpost in a hierarchical fashion. The Kuraci military forces are a large army in their own right, although not enough to threaten either the north or the south. On many occasions, gith or other raiders have attacked the settlement, only to be repelled, demonstrating that the outpost is one of the few outlying civilizations to be stable enough to support a regular population.

After the Fall of Tuluk, Luir's Outpost became crowded with fleeing refugees, and the population tripled almost overnight. The small outpost was the scene of tragedy as news of deaths arrived from the north, joy as loved ones who survived were reunited, and horror as House Kurac was forced to close the gates eventually, to maintain control of the outpost. Although many of those who flooded to the Outpost have since left, either returning to the north or making their way south, the population is still much larger than it was before the Fall.

In the Outpost Kurac word is law, with high-ranking members of Kurac enjoying much the same legal privileges as templars and nobles in the citystates. For centuries the only real punishment in the Outpost has been a swift death although a newly built jail stands to change that.

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