Guilds (Character)

Guilds in Armageddon are used in a completely informal sense, and should not be confused with the more formal arrangements made by persons within the world, such as a Guild of Gladiators, and should not be confused with clans (q.v.). Armageddon's guilds are the equivalent of 'classes' in most role-playing games.

A guild is a term used to describe the lifestyle which a person has selected. While there may be any number of 'real' guilds, there are only a few which are ever dealt with in game terms (e.g., a guild of woodworkers might exist in the world, but players and 'real' [hard-coded] NPCs will never belong to it).

There are sixteen guilds at the present time, each with its own unique set of skills and abilities. Your guild does not directly determine your character's profession or role in the game; each guild can be played in a variety of different ways. The guilds are listed below in alphabetical order. If you want to see how frequently they appear in Armageddon, see help FAQ 12".

Assassin Sorcerer
Burglar Shadow Elementalist
Fire Elementalist Stone Elementalist
Lightning Elementalist Templar
Merchant Warrior
Pickpocket Water Elementalist
Psionicist Wind Elementalist
Ranger Void Elementalist


To see more information about any of these, check help guild <name>,
or for example, "help guild warrior".

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