Mastercrafting (Crafting)

Characters who have advanced to the top of the field in their crafting skills are given the option to create new items to be used in the game. You can chose at creation if you would like to make this something that can be crafted by others (or just your tribe), or if it is just a one-time special creation.

If you have questions about this, or are unsure about what is a mastercraft, contact your clan staff.

The rules are: o When you type 'skills', the craft skill must show (master).

o All mastercrafts should be submitted through the request tool.

o You can submit one entry per month, no matter how many mastercraft-

ranked skills you have.

o If you have no tribe any crafts you create will have no tribe. If you

join a tribe you can opt to have the mastercrafting recipe as clan-only

or not.

o The Recipe may be as exorbitant or as low-quality as you want, but it

still counts as a mastercraft.

o You will submit every last teeny-tiny detail, including the crafting

echos. There will be certain code aspects that staff will determine

during production, but everything else is in your hands.

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