Player Characters [PCs] (General)

Player characters (PCs) are all those people in the game world who are always controlled by a real human being. It is the intention of the creators of Armageddon to afford the maximum number of free choices to each PC. In order to do this, the world must be made very hard to live in, convenient to none, but the suffering so caused is also the benefit gained of being able to do almost anything.

Player Characters should be remembered as such. Players are not synonymous with characters. Anything that happens to your character should be taken in that context. Threats against your character should not be interpreted as threats against you (the player).

Players are real people and must be treated with appropriate respect. Characters are fictional creations which may find themselves in any number of situations, be they favourable or not--don't get too enmeshed in the fictional world that your character is living within.

The distinction between players and characters is vital, and there are methods of dealing with each: to speak with your character to another character, use the say command (as well as tell, whisper, and so on); to speak as a human being to another human being, player to player, use the ooc command. Please keep this distinction in mind.


The action of having a PC kill another PC is known as pkilling. In the
same way, one PC stealing from another PC is known as pstealing. On
some MUDs, there are rules forbidding pkilling or pstealing. There are
no such rules on Armageddon MUD, but remember that whatever your
character does should be appropriate to the background story that you
have created for your character.

See also:

npc, ooc, say