Character Reports (Character)

Clan leaders are often asked to send in regular reports to their clan staff. Generally staff expect that those in leadership positions report weekly with information regarding their character, the clan and other pertinent information such as expenses, hiring, firing and so on.

Players that are not in leader roles are also welcome to send in regular reports. By communicating with your staff through reports, staff will get a better feel for both your character and you as a player. We highly recommend that players get in the habit of communicating with staff via the request tool and keep them up to date with their IC and OOC thoughts on their characters.

There is no set format for creating a character report. A search on the General Discussion Board will show you the many different ways that players have created to submit their reports. As a general rule of thumb a good character report will include the following:

- A Summary. Write a concise summary at the beginning of the report.
If staff have only limited time to scan the reports this is what
they will read.
- An IC section. Be clear on what is IC. This might include what you
report to superiors or what you are NOT reporting to superiors. What
your character is thinking and feeling, their motivations. Let staff
know what your character is planning in game, this will allow them to
assist if possible and ensure that the world reacts appropriately to
your characters actions.
- An OOC section. This will be what you the player think. Is there a
question you as a player need to ask staff? Use the OOC section.
- If your character is plotting something that affects other clans, or
players in other clans CC those clans in the report.
- If your character kills another PC make sure to include this in a

All communication with staff, including reports, should go through the request tool:

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