Subguilds (Character)

Subguilds are intended to round out characters with regards to their primary guild. They are not substitutes for a primary guild. A thief-based guild (burglar, pickpocket or assassin) will be a better thief than a warrior with the subguild of thief. Below is a list of the current coded subguilds:

Acrobat Forester Linguist Stonecrafter
Archer General Crafter Mercenary Subguild Tailor
Armormaker Subguild Guard Nomad Thief
Bard House Servant Physician Thug
Caravan Guide Hunter Subguild Rebel Tinker
Con Artist Jeweler Scavenger Weaponcrafter


To see more information about any of these, check help subguild <name>,
or for example, "help subguild nomad".

See also:

Guilds, Extended_Subguilds