Addkeyword (General)

Your keywords are how others refer to your characters in the game. When you created your character you started with your name, the words in your short description and a few other words that you specified.

As your character goes through the game there may be times when your character would like to go by another name for whatever reason. This command allows you to do that on the fly.

It is considered courteous and helpful to add names/nicknames as keywords. If your character uses a name or nickname to introduce his/herself to the majority of people they meet, the best practice would be to add that as a keyword. Some situations and special circumstances may keep players from adding a name or nickname as a keyword (such as a criminal trade-name, a secret name, or secret names of those in a secret society). In cases where a character uses a name/nickname as his/her sole means of identification, this name should always be a character keyword.

If the lack of a commonly used keyword becomes a problem, staff may request that you add the keyword to your character. Staff will send a notification via e-mail to your listed e-mail account before initiating any changes. Appeals for removal of such a keyword can be send to the request tool, but the final decision on this remains in the hands of staff members.


> addkeyword Amos
Keyword 'Amos' added.


addkeyword <keyword>


You are not allowed to add keywords that are the names of your previous
characters. We only allow this on review from staff, so to request this
use the request tool:

Once you have added a keyword you cannot remove it except by staff
intervention, and we are very relucant to do this. You must have a very
good reason why you want to remove a keyword you added.

Please try and remember our naming conventions when adding aliases
to your character. Do not use names that are anachronistic, verbally
abusive, or otherwise offensive.

It should go without saying, but adding keywords to gain something
that belongs to someone else, or other abuses of this command will not
be tolerated.

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