Bug (General)

This command allows mortals to inform the implementors of a glitch in the programming code. If you stumble across something that simply does not seem right, and it is apparently the result of a flawed special program or is a general part of the world itself, bug it. If the bug is regarding something that is critical (e.g., you believe it is critically affecting the game, your PC, or is causing a crash) please put in a Critical Game Bug request in the Request tool to ensure that it is reviewed as soon as possible.

Do not use this command to voice general complaints or to inform about typographical errors or ideas that you may have. There are two separate command, idea and typo (q.v.) for those, and bulletin boards for complaints.

The command also takes an object or character as an argument followed by text indicating what is wrong with the character or object. If the target is an NPC or object then it records the database number of that NPC/object to help the staff track down the problem.


> bug The spell fireball doesn't work any more.
> bug staff This staff makes the game crash when wielded
> bug tailor This NPC charges me negative coins


bug <message>
bug <object>
bug <character>

See also:

bulletin_boards, idea, typo, wish, request_tool