Bulletin Boards (General)

In various places across Zalanthas, there are bulletin boards for writing messages. Not all bulletin boards carry the same set of messages. To see all of the messages on a board, type "look board". To read a specific message, type "read <board> <message number>".

To write a message of your own, type "write <board> <message title>". You will then enter the game's text editor, enter the text of your message, and use the tilde (~) character to end your message. You will need to type "write <board>", once you have exited the text editor, for the message to be saved. If you don't save the message by using "write <board>", then your message will be lost at the next reboot.

Mortals cannot remove messages from any board once they are written, so it is a good idea to prepare your message before entering it.


look <board>
listen <rumors>
read <board> <message number>
listen <rumors> <message number>
write <board> <message title>
write <board>


> look board

> read board 12

> listen messenger

> listen messenger 2

> write board A bard sings a song ...
-> As you sit at the bar, a scruffy-looking bard enters, pulls out a
-> mandolin, and proceeds to sing an off-key ditty about how a certain
-> noble from House Borsail bought a mul slave recently.
-> ~
> write board


The boards themselves are OOC constructs to facilitate the spread of
information and rumors amongst the player base. Use of them does not
require skill in reading or writing, and does not violate literacy laws
in game.

As such, some boards are described as messengers or people talking in
the tavern. For these boards you can often use the 'listen <rumors>' syntax
to list the board messages just like 'look <board>'. You can also use
'listen <board> <message number>' to listen to a rumor, just like you would
do 'read <board> <message number>'. This is merely alternative syntax to
provide a less OOC jarring atmosphere for the message boards. Not all boards
currently support it, but if you find a board that you think should, please
use the bug command on it to report this.

See also:

editor, read, write, bug