Psi Contact (Communication)

The contact command will allow your character to attempt to establish a direct mental link with another person in the world. It is necessary to create this link in order to perform a majority of psi commands, and in order to cast some powerful spells. Contacting others is a skill that only increases with practice. The cease command is used to sever the psionic link.

Contacts can be blocked by psionic barriers, sleep, and areas of magickal suppression. As with all sustained psionic powers, the cease command will cut the mental link. The duration of a direct mental link is dependent upon your character's wisdom attribute and skill proficiency.


contact <keyword> [keyword+]
contact #.keyword

psi <message>


> contact plain brown human

> contact 3.stubby

> contact Boopsie
> psi How's it going, milord?
> cease


Getting the message that you cannot reach their mind is a normal
occurrence. You may lack sufficient skill with the Way to find their
mind, or that person may not be available. You do not need to know
someone's name in order to contact them -- one or more keywords can
be specified instead.

Using multiple keywords is interpreted as forming a more complete
picture of the person you intend to contact, and increases your chances
of reaching their mind.

Likewise, using a person's true name is a powerful means of increasing
your chances of contacting them.

You can only specify a number argument as the first argument, and
if you do, any extra keywords you specified will be ignored.

Some players choose to portray images or their own feelings over
a psionic link and this is allowed. However, forcing emotions,
sensations, or thoughts onto the receiver is not acceptable.

See also:

cease, contact, Psionics