Skill Craft (Trade)

This command allows your character to create various objects, if he or she has the appropriate raw materials. Often a tool may prove useful, or even helpful in this effort.

To see what you can craft from an item or items, type craft (itemname).


craft (itemname)


>craft grass
You could make simple basket from that.
You could make sturdy basket from that.
You could make well-fashioned basket from that.
>craft bone auger
You could make a polished bone flute from that.

If nothing can be made, or you lack the skill, you will receive the
message, "You don't think you could craft that into anything."

Once you know what items can be made, you can craft them.


craft item1 into produced item.


>craft grass into simple basket


Up to five items can be combined into a new item.

You can refer to items in your inventory, equipment, the room, or on a
furniture item in the room. Use the keyword command to find #. syntax for
each item.

See also:

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