Description Changes (OOC)

Description changes can be made for a variety of reasons, including aging, weight changes, deformity and the like. We reserve the right to reject description change requests for frivolous reasons (such as disliking your original description); however, we will be happy to fix typos that managed to slip by the approval process.

You are allowed two description changes during your character's lifetime (typically one per ten in-game years), not including typo fixes and those done with the change/tdesc command.

Your description change should not vary too much from your previous description and is subject to approval. You must keep at least half of your short description. For instance 'the blond, blue-eyed man' can become 'the bald, blue-eyed man' or 'the blond, aged man', but not 'the bald, aged man'.

This request can be made via the request tool at


You can use the change command to add scars to your character as
well as a temporary description add-on (see help tdesc).

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