Emote (Communication)

An emote is an in-character expression of motion, or actions taken by your character. The emote command is used to express your character's actions to everyone in the room. Everyone will see your emote, whether or not they can actively see you.

You can use a special syntax for refering to other characters and objects in your emote. See 'help emoting' for the details, and for some examples, see 'help emote examples'.


emote <message>


> emote waves to ~azroen
What Azroen sees: Jhalavar waves to you.
What everyone else sees: Jhalavar waves to Azroen.


You can also use @ or "me" to place your short description arbitrarily
within the emote. If you leave out the @, your character's sdesc will
appear at the beginning of the emote, as normal.

You can use ":" in place of the actual word "emote" to do an emote.

You can use emotes with some actions, such as 'stand,' 'sit,' 'look,'
'talk,' 'sing,' etcetera, as well as with movements, such as 'north
(limping heavily).' For more information on this, see 'help command emotes'

See also:

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