Emoting (Communication)

Emoting is a vital form of communication used in role-playing on Armageddon MUD. These commands are used for expressing oneself visually, as opposed to verbally. They allow you to type in an action, and everyone else in the same room or area as your character will see your character's short description followed by what you typed. This is most often used to express feelings, gestures, and creating images.

There are four different types of emotes that you can do in Armageddon.

Emote/Pemote (Emote/Possessive Emote):

This is the standard emote commands that shows to everyone in the room with you. The 'P' in pemote stands for possessive emote, and adds an apostrophe followed by an s ('s) after your short description.

HEmote/PHEmote (Hidden Emote/Possessive Hidden Emote):

This type of emote should only be used for small gestures that would only be noticed by those who are watchful. The possessive version should be used in the same fashion, and formats the same as pemote.

SEmote/PSEmote (Silent Emote/Possesive Silent Emote):

Use this emote to indicate that your emote does not make any sound. It will only be shown to those who can see you, so it can be safely used while hidden or invisible. The possessive version of this command follows the same usage and pattern as other possesive emotes.

Command Emotes:

Many commands allow you to use a special syntax to include an emote before or after the normal output for the command. See 'help command emotes' for more details.

All emote commands support a small language which allows you to refer more effectively to other characters and objects around you. Precede any character's keyword with a tilde (~) to insert that character's sdesc in your emote.

Precede a character's keyword with a % to insert the possessive form of that character's short description into your emote.

Likewise, precede a keyword with a !, ^, or # to substitute the gendered objective (him/her), possessive (his/her) pronouns, and the nomitive pronoun (he/she) respectively. In tabular form:

              Symbol    Reference         Target Sees
              ------    ---------         -----------
                ~       (sdesc)           you
                !       him/her           you
                %       (sdesc)'s         your
                ^       his/her           your
                #       he/she            you
                &       himself/herself   yourself
                =       (sdesc)'s         yours
                +       his/hers          yours

The best way to learn how to use emote is to watch other people, and to experiment with emote when no other PCs are around (use NPCs as your models). See help emote examples", for some examples that can be of use.

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