Guild Pickpocket (Character)

Pickpockets are masters of the art of stealing. They differ greatly from other thieves, such as burglars, in that the pickpocket's skill lies almost wholly in 'lifting' items directly from their victims.

Aside from stealing, a pickpocket's skills include some ability to climb walls, the knowledge of how to move silently in the city streets, and how to con merchants into giving lower prices than they intend to.

Some small skill with weapons is also a pickpocket's province, as well as how to beat a hasty retreat. Expert pickpockets usually learn how to become unseen and how to listen to conversations going on nearby. Later on in their careers, pickpockets can learn how to effectively use a sap and knock their mark unconscious for removal of larger items, as well as silencing guards.

Typically, pickpockets work on their own, nicking whatever they can from targets passing by. However, some pickpockets can obtain contracts to steal specific items, and very good pickpockets can develop reputations which will earn them very highly paid contracts. Fortunate pickpockets are able to obtain permanent contracts with noble houses or even from templars.

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