Guild Warrior (Character)

There is only one calling which warriors follow: to fight, and perhaps to die fighting. Although motivated by innumerable goals, there are a few commonalities among warriors. In nearly all warriors there exists some notion of honour and fairness, and often a vague conception of glory.

A warrior's skills involve only the many aspects of fighting. Every warrior possesses an aptitude for all weapons, and can learn to master them far beyond the meagre abilities of other guilds. Unarmed combat, expert battle maneuvers such as disarming, the ability to hurl missiles, strategic withdrawl, and the eventual expert use of bows and arrows are all part of a warrior's skills. Some master warriors can learn to bandage the wounded.

Warriors are the easiest persons to employ. They are invaluable as guards, soldiers, mercenaries, military advisors, outriders, scouts, gladiators, or even as assassins and spies. No other guild can match a warrior's combat prowess, and thus all warriors are much needed parts of any clan or mercantile operation.

Master warriors are sometimes unwillingly and automatically nominated as leaders of small armies, or as captains of tribes and outposts.

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