Hidden Emote (Communication)

Hidden emotes should be used to represent subtle motions that wouldn't be obvious to the room you are in. Only those who are actively watching you, or who are very observant will notice these.

Hemote supports a small language which allows you to refer more effectively to other characters. See 'help emoting' for more details on using the language.

You can also use @ to place your short description arbitrarily within the emote.


hemote <message>


hemote rubs ^me fingers lightly together


Avoid using this command for emotes that would physically interact with
objects or characters. They will not get a message if they don't notice it.

Read the helpfile 'Emoting' for more information on emoting in general.
It has important information about how to refer to characters and objects.

To get a possessive version of this command, use 'phemote'.

Use the keyword command to make sure you are targetting the right
character or object.

Those who see these will receive an extra prompt of 'You notice: '.

See also:

Emoting, keyword, phemote, skill_watch