Keyword (General)

Keywords are how you refer to objects and characters in the game. Generally any word in the short description of an object or character should be a valid keyword, with the exception of 'a', 'an' or 'the'.

The 'keyword' command allows you to check what characters and objects in your current room have the specified keyword. You can use this to make sure you target the correct one in your emotes.

You can also use the keyword command to check the keywords in a container that you are holding (either in inventory or equipment) or in the room.


keyword <keyword>
keyword <keyword> <container>


> keyword fruit
In Inventory:
1.fruit - a honey glazed horta fruit
In the room:
2.fruit - a rotten kalan fruit

> keyword fruit knapsack
In a canvas knapsack:
1.fruit - a handful of dried fruit


The order of output shows exactly how characters and objects are
checked in the emote-like commands. You should be able to use the output
of this command to help direct your emotes.

When checking the keywords in a container, it might be smart to use the
keyword command first to make sure you're referring to the right container.

If you just want a count of how many of a particular keyword are in
a container, use the 'count' command.

See Also:

addkeyword, count, emote, pemote, command_emotes