Possessive Emote (Communication)

This command is very similar to emote, except that it is used for possessive sentences. It will display your character's short description (sdesc) followed by a "'s" and then your message. It is used to express visible feelings, make gestures, or create visual images.

Pemote supports a small language which allows you to refer more effectively to other characters. See 'help emoting' for more details on using the language.

You can also use @ to place your short description arbitrarily within the emote.


pemote <message>


> pemote wound bleeds profusely.
What everyone sees: Jhalavar's wound bleeds profusely.

> pemote mirthless laugh taunts ~azroen.
What is seen by Azroen: Jhalavar's mirthless laugh taunts you.
What is seen by everyone else:
Jhalavar's mirthless laugh taunts Azroen the Emerald-eyed Elf.

> pemote His face breaking into a wide grin, @ eyes glint.
What is seen: His face breaking into a wide grin, Jhalavar's eyes glint.


Use the keyword command to make sure you are targeting the right person
or object.

See also:

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