Psionics (Communication)

All intelligent creatures on Zalanthas are able to use psionics (often called the Way or the Way of the Mind) to some degree. Psionic powers enable people to communicate across vast distances, track people and animals, and barricade their minds against intrusion. Non-psionic races are long since deceased on Zalanthas, not having been able to compete with those who possessed the ability.

There are two varieties of psionic powers: sustained and immediate. Sustained psionics are those powers which remain 'turned on' until stopped, and immediate powers are those which have an instant effect.

Sustained powers are:

contact, barrier

Immediate powers are:


Once psionic contact has been established, it is possible to send thoughts directly to the person with whom your character's mind is linked. This is done with the psi command, which operates like say (q.v.) but has no requirements of distance or specification of target (since characters can only maintain psionic contact with one other character at a time).


psi <message>


> contact sanvean
> psi How are you today?
> psi *mirth* That's really funny. Good one.
> cease

Immediate powers require that a certain sustained power be currently
active. The individual help files will describe which sustained powers must
be combined with which immediate powers. The cease command can be used to
end all sustained psionic activity, including mental shields (barriers) and
contact with another character's mind.


It is possible to have your character fall unconscious if you do not
monitor his/her use of the Way carefully. While unconscious, your
character is in an extremely vulnerable position, to say the least.

It is convention to send emotions or images enclosed in sentinal
characters like *. It is alright to do this so long as you are not
imposing any emotions on the contacted character.

See also:

guild_psionicist, psi barrier, psi contact, psi expel, stun, way