Reroll (Character)

If you are dissatisfied with your character's stats, the staff policy is to allow a player one reroll within the first three hours of play. You may reroll your character by typing 'reroll self'. If you are unhappy with the reroll, you can return to your original roll by typing 'reroll undo'.


reroll self
reroll undo


You are only allowed one reroll and one reroll undo.

You may only reroll and/or reroll undo within the first three (3) hours
of play. This is defined as the first 180 minutes logged onto your
character. If your score says you've been playing for more than 3 hours,
you've exceeded the time limit.

Wishing for a reroll after you have exceeded the time limit is not

Reroll undo will give you another random roll for derived stats such
as Hit Points and Stun.

See also:

attributes, score, wish