Skill Component Crafting (Skill)

Skilled magick users sometimes acquire the knowledge necessary for creating the components necessary for certain spells. This is a difficult task, since the intricacies of magick are many, and the lore accompanying such a skill is highly prized and often jealously guarded by mages. Sometimes the object produced may look much the same as its original, since the only change is the binding of arcane energies into the object.


craft (object1) (object2)
craft (object1) (object2) into (desired result)


> craft stone into tiny white packet

> craft fruit into moldy kalan fruit

> craft bone into set of blackened combs

> craft slag into clear jagged rock

> craft sticky into withered, reddish gland


Leaving off 'into (desired result)' will show you what you can make
with the specified ingredients.

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