Typo (General)

Use this command to report any typographical errors that you might find throughout the world, including (but not solely): Misspellings in location descriptions/NPCs/objects, grammatical mistakes, punctuation, and so on. If you see anything that does not look textually correct, please use the typo command, as opposed to the wish command.

The command also takes an object or character as an argument followed by text indicating what is wrong with the character or object. If the target is an NPC or object then it records the database number of that NPC/object to help the staff track down the problem. If the target is a PC then it records the name and account of that character for the same reason. An object may be in your inventory or in the room to be a valid target.


typo <message>
typo <object> <message>
typo <character> <message>


> typo This aba has the description of a horned helmet!

> typo cap this cap has an extra line return in its description.

> typo lanky This elf is missing the keyword 'elf'

See also:

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