Wish ()

This command enables you to communicate with the game's staff members for an audience. Using the wish command is to be used for questions that cannot be otherwise answered in the game, be it through help files or in character questions. As all online staff members can hear wishes (if they so choose), use the command sparingly, and make wishes direct and to the point. Wishing to a staff member (i.e., one who is visible via the who command) will allow only that person to hear the wish.

Wishes can also be used to alert staff when you are about to do something that the virtual populace might notice and react to, such as attacking someone in a crowded tavern or walking into town with visible magic effects going. Please remember that staff can't be everywhere, all the time, but we will try and help interact. Also don't take the fact that staff haven't responded as permission to do whatever you are about to do. Be conscious of the virtual world and how it would react. If you don't get a response from a wish, please submit a Character Report so that staff can respond.

As mentioned above, wishes should be TO THE POINT. Do not wish things such as, 'Is anyone around?' or 'Is Kelvik on?' or 'Is my clan staff around?' or 'I have a bug.' If you have a bug, then use the bug command to say what it is, don't just wish that you have found a bug. If it requires a wish at all, wish up to tell us what you need, not that you need us.

If you are wishing up requesting something to do with where you are standing, please wait at least a couple of minutes before walking away. It's frustrating to staff members to have to chase your character along the streets.


> wish azroen I'd like to talk to this templar NPC, please, in order
to get a merchant's license.
(This is assuming that Azroen is visible in 'who', and that there is an
NPC templar in the same location as your character, with whom you wish
your character to converse with, in character, about something.)


wish all <message>
wish <staff member name> <message>


The request tool is to be used for many issues that previously were
handled with the wish command. Things such as description changes,
reimbursements and having your character stored should be handled through
this tool. (See help requests)

There is now a reroll command, do not wish up asking for one.
(See help reroll)

Please do not wish on the behalf of players who have been no-wished.

If no staff members are online, no one will hear the wish. Only
Administrators and above can respond directly to wishes, so please do not
assume no one is on and spam wish hoping to catch someone. Please be
patient as well; wish once and then put the wish in your objective. If
the wish involves interaction with an NPC, please stick by the NPC for at
least a little while.

If you have been no-wished, you can still communicate with the staff
but you must use the Request Tool.

See also:

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