Armageddon Players' Meeting
August, 1997
Iowa City, Iowa

Left to right: Insectoid Boy, Banedon, Cray (Halaster), Williamson, Ikar.


Thanas, Azroen
*** Message (#206) from Babbling Wombat at 14:04 ***
>Can you edit that pic and put my sunglasses on?
*** Message (#221) from Babbling Wombat at 14:11 ***
At least that pic is better than the one where I'm trashed and dancing
>semi-naked on the table.

Left to right: Halaster, a somewhat obscured Williamson, Sanvean, Gleden.

Left to right: Gleden, Naar, CygnuS, Buzz, unidentifiable.

Left to right: Naar, CygnuS, Wildflower.

Halaster. Commentary welcome on what he thinks he's doing.
*** Message (#202) from Syrinx at 14:03 ***
>He's spewing beer out his nose.



On ground: Wildflower. Left to right: Lear, Ikar, Williamson, Sanvean, Halaster, Gleden, Buzz, Setar.

Left to right: Conan and Tiernan.

Left to right: Halaster, Branchala, Gleden, Thanas, unidentified skulker.
*** Message (#204) from Syrinx at 14:04 ***
>Is that Ness's leg?
*** Message (#214) from Syrinx at 14:07 ***
>Naturally that was merely a harkening back to the last time APM pix were
>displayed, and everyone was asking about Ness's body parts.

Left to right: Conan, Azroen, Setar, Insectoid Boy, Naar, Branchala.

Left to right: Ikar, Thanas, Williamson, Sanvean, Wildflower (back turned), Halaster, Gleden.

Naar (on computer), Sanvean (looking dazed), Wildflower, the tip of Branchala's nose.

Left to right: Buzz, Sanvean, Naar.