Academic writings

My fields of interest are primarily a) popular culture, particularly genre, or "low culture" forms and b) the philosophical notion of the sublime. Here is a paper which looks at Alan Moore's comic book, The Watchmen and tries to examine how the nuclear sublime is embodied in the figure of Dr. Manhattan.

At the same time, my particular approach to issues tends to rely heavily on feminism and Marxism, with occasional forays into the psychoanalyptic, particularly the works of Slavoj Zizek. Here, though, is a fairly straightforward Marxist analysis of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

The same materialist approach serves well for an examination of the translation of one genre to another, specifically the movie that was made based on the alternative comic, Tank Girl.

Finally, here is an examination of the sublime as played out in two cyberpunk novels, William Gibson's Neuromancer and Neil Stephanson's Snow Crash.

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