Okay, yes, this is the group I hung around with for a great many of my formative years. There was some sort of advertising promotion for a local photography studio, so we signed up Matt's dog about fifty million times, and not surprisingly, he won a free photo session. That's Matt, holding the dog. He was a good friend and one of the best GM's any group of avid D&Der's ever had. Behind him, looking quite butch, is Alan Pecze. To the left of him (the viewer's left, not Alan's), is Matt's brother John. Hovering up above and between Alan and John is Mike, who had the enviable gift of being able to pick up just about any musical instrument and play it, no matter if he'd seen it before or not. We let him live, but it was hard. To the right of Alan is James Deeb, and to the right of him, Jon Mahoney. Past John, standing, is Bruce, and kneeling underneath him is another Mike. As I said, you can probably guess which one I am.

third frog picture third frog picture third frog picture

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