Links to various online comics

  • Kinda goofy and scattered, some nifty stuff in the corners, Art Comics
  • Introduced to me by a friend, Deb, who collects comics, and guaranteed to outrage non-feminists of either gender, heh. Bitchy Bitch
  • Erratic English strip that varies, but has the occasional crossover with Goats, Bobbins
  • Awfully pretty. Bruno
  • A plethora of panels. buzzComix Top 100
  • Robot love is featured at Diesel Sweeties
  • Dykes to Watch Out For
  • Alas, I keep checking the link every few months, but this may end up just being one of those really cool, half-finished sites adrift on the Internet. Sharp, beautifully drawn: The Gifted
  • Kinda reminiscent of Sluggy Freelance, but still good. Goats.
  • Comic strip about a techno-savvy rabbit and the she-wolf he married after meeting in a chat room. Kevin and Kell
  • Commentary on the gaming scene provided by Penny Arcade
  • As seen in The Onion, Red Meat.
  • Okay, it's goofy and really fun and actually pretty damn addictive, Sluggy.
  • I like Something Positive
  • A comic which will contain tragic resonance for anyone who's ever worked in tech support, Userfriendly.
  • Post-apocalyptic western, The Wandering Ones
  • One of the older online comics in existence, Where the Buffalo Roam.
  • Angsty and edgy, Wigu

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