What's expected of Storytellers
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Responsibility: If you take on duties for the mud, they are yours, much like a hamster or puppy, and you are responsible for their feeding and watering. Don't abandon them without telling us, PARTICULARLY if players are involved. It's okay to have to drop out of sight for a while due to RL issues, but don't do it without either making sure your responsibilities will be taken care of by someone else, or at least that the Overlords know about it so they can make sure the responsibilities are taken care of. If you vanish without telling us what's going on, we will remove you from staff after a month, and you will probably not be allowed back on staff, particularly if you left a clan adrift by doing so.

Communication: Along the same lines, good communication is crucial. CC mud on email to players, and don't worry about spamming mud. We'd rather face a little spam than not know what's going on. Make sure other staff knows what you're doing, and what projects you've undertaken. Use the IDB to post notes about plotlines, updates on clans you're running, etc. If someone asks you a question, please answer it clearly and concisely, particularly when it's a time sensitive issue, such as a player about to die. Be informative with your immcom chatter and include who it's addressed to and what it's about, if it may not be clear. Avoid imming things like "Oops" or "Whoa" on the imm channel in order to avoid panic on the part of other staff. Use email if you can't catch someone online, don't just wait until you can find them.

Teamwork: You're on staff because we value you; remember to value the other staff members as well. Backbiting, infighting, etc, are things that destroy a mud. If you have problems with another staff member, talk to your mentor or Sanvean - don't let things fester. Take criticism cheerfully and as it's intended - as a tool to help you and the mud overall, and leave your ego at the door. Avoid doing things that hamper someone else's work. Again, communication is one of the most important things about being on staff. Treat other team members with respect and recognize that their ideas are as valid as yours.

Self-motivation: After you've got a feel for the way things work, we shouldn't have to suggest projects to you. Look for gaps and things that aren't covered; make a practice of combing through the mantis database or watching the GDB for issues. While you should check projects before starting them, feel free to propose them.

Patience: We're all volunteers, and sometimes things go slow. While you may be ready to set the mud afire with your grand new scheme, be aware that more experienced staff may have already considered and discarded a similar idea, and that there may well be a good rationale for the way things are.

Commitment: While we don't expect you to be around 24/7, we do expect that if you've taken a staff position, you will spend some time actually working, rather than playing a character or just hanging out. You're free to play, but if you have duties, make sure they're taken care of.

Common sense: Ask before doing things that affect players, particularly when you're brand new. The rules are around for a reason and meant to be followed - don't break them just because no one else was around. Be aware that we log immcmds and that while we trust you, the logs are around in case we need to check something. Don't do favors for buddies, such as building special items, running plots just for them, etc. It's usually a good idea to avoid monitoring/watching players with whom your character interacts on a regular basis, because it can lead to situations of inadvertent favoritism, or at the least, taking some of the surprise and mystery out of the game where your character is concerned.

Respect for the game's integrity and consistency: Pay attention to the efforts that have been made to keep the game consistent internally - use wood in items in the north, and obsidian in the south, for example. Don't introduce anachronistic items like concert pianos or crude laser pistols - try to maintain the tone we have created for the game.

Compiled by Sanvean
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