This is a picture of my garden in Baltimore, located behind a towering rowhouse at 2711 N. Calvert Street. I wish I'd taken some pictures of how it looked before we started, but...hindsight is always best. In any case, it was, when we moved in, crappy, dry dirt mixed with large chunks of concrete. After double digging the entire thing, hauling out a crapload (thassa bunch, for the vernacularly impaired) of chunks of concrete, I built up the soil with a lot of manure and whatever compostable material I could find. The bed closest to the house was all herbs, with a scattering of flowers, since it received the most sun. The next bed over was reserved for peppers and some additional herbs, like pineapple sage. The two smaller beds, flanking the bird bath, held a variety of heritage tomatoes in the one closer to the fence, and a mesclun bed in the other. Beyond that were mainly flowers and one sad tomatillo plant, with the furthest bed holding chives and peas. The few hostas surviving the garden revivification were transplanted next to the garage, and interspersed with blue irises and some turtlehead (a native Maryland plant with pink blossoms.)

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