Note: this page is not intended as anything but something useful to which I can set my home page and thus be able to find the sites I check frequently from a variety of machines. You are welcome to mail me amusing links; they may or may not make it on here. Many thanks to Dana for this idea.

Tools and Search Engines

Babelfish Google Altavista Yahoo Mapquest Zip Code Finder
Everything Computing Dictionary How Stuff Works Band/concert info Lycos Tutorials
Pictobabble Lycos Top 50

Newspages and Services

Mother Jones Chicago Tribune CNN Chronicle of Higher Education Earthweb
Slashdot Wired Intellectual Capital LA Times
Kiosk The Washington Post Infomine Newsweek
Television listings Synapse NTKnow Guardian
Mad Scientist FEED Associated Press Worldnet Daily
New Scientist Lunatic Fringe The Nation HealthWorld Online

Things that Contain More Than News

ZineBook The Atlantic Inet Comics Tapioca Dig Factory
The Slate Broken Pencil Phonelosers Tales From the Deck Fabula
Ctheory Shescape American Literary Review Anarchist Barbie Doll IGN Sci-fi
Ape culture The Notion Bunnyhop Killzine Hissyfit

Things Dealing With the Root of All Evil

E*Trade The Motley Fool Cybergold Consumer's Digest
First Tech Where's George? Consumer Info Center Red Herring Wine CDNow BiblioFind
Home Grocer Discount Flights Homepage Cheap Tickets Ladyslipper Records
Health Foods

Humor and Cultural Nostalgia

The Onion Land of the Lost Noguchi Garden Museum UserFriendly
The Silicon Valley Tarot Lileks Institute Bob's Fridge Door Cardhouse
Miskatonic Univ. Seamonkeys! The Corporation Our Big Pal in the Sky's Homepage
The Anti-Valentine Homepage PeeWee Herman Worship The Smoking Head of BOB Internet Conspiracy Generator
The Twinkies Project Deep Thoughts Tamagothi Favorite Teenage Angst Books
WackyBrit Bizarre Kitchen Experiments Bad Candy Disgruntled Housewife


Armageddon MUDConnector The Language Guild of the Fodorim Gamasutra Girlie Style
Grognard WebRPG THe MUD Journal Womengames

Computer Resources and Web Design

Chez Mark Museum of Web Art Colormix Apple Visibone Colorlab
Microsoft Design for Life The Music of the Internet NOAA Photo Library Colorschemer
Web Pages That Suck Yale Web Style Guide Webaim WebFX Webmonkey
Guide To Accessibility

Ways to Waste Time


Literature, Music and Wordgames

Cirque de Cliche Jar-Jargonizer Zembla Ozland The Filthy Critic
Babelfish Elizabethan Curse Generator Jargon Scout Moomimtroll
Dr. Seuss NYT Review of Books Surrealist Compliment Generator k.d.lang museum
Fantagraphics Factsheet 5

Things With Overt Political Resonance

NrrdGrrl! PETA Greens No Compromise
Adbusters Human Rights Watch Medical Research Modernization Ctr. Biodiversity Conservatin Info-System
EarthLaw Electronic Activist Natural Heritage Network Natl Biological Info Infrastructure
Amazon City Women of Achievement Center for Media and Democracy
ACLU Amnesty Intl Greenpeace Rainforest Action Network
Earth Island Institute Nature Conservancy

Seattle Resources

Northwest Wines More Northwest Wines Music Chowhound Pacific Northwest discussion board
Seattle Insider Seattle Citynews Pike Street Market webcam
Seattle City EarthShare of Washington NW Council

Information Gathering

Donor Lookup Counterpane Systems

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