Note: this page is not intended as anything but something useful to which I can set my home page and thus be able to find the sites I check frequently from a variety of machines. You are welcome to mail me amusing links; they may or may not make it on here. Many thanks to the wise and wonderful Dana for this idea.

News and Search Engines

This is one of the workhorses of search engines, and actually the one I use the most when wanting to do a keyword search. Gotta love that being able to exclude/include words. Actually, altavista's kinda fun to just stick odd words in and see what emerges.
Yahoo Another big search engine. Here's where I go if I want categorical searches, or if i just want to poke around looking for cool links. Mother Jones
Billed as "daily news for the skeptical citizen", MJ Interactive is a good site for leftie news. Their Must Reads section is a good compilation from across the web, although I wish there were more of it. Still, that's why we have the Drudge Report.
Wildfeed TV
Wild Feed is the companion website to the television series, Wild Feed TV. It shows the raw satellite transmissions used to send video clips between tv stations. While not a news site per se, it does provide an interesting look at the back end of the Media Machine.
Slashdot's one of the best sites around for cutting edge techie news. Lots of geekly commentary, incisive and up to date. Highly recommended.
I love Wired, although I loved it more back when it wasn't quite so... mainstream. Still, good for catching up on current high tech issues, if you don't mind some of the obsessive focussing on its own image.
Driving directions and traffic reports. I'm sure I'd use this more if I had a car.
Intellectual Capital
Some solid, literate commentary here. Jerry Pournelle usually has an interesting column, among a sea of other columnists.
The Slate
Slate's cute, no denying it, and the journals series is invariably intriguing. At times it still seems to be figuring out what its web identity really is, however, and growing pains occasionally mar its pages.
Links to newspapers across the globe, organized by continent.
The Washington Post
Surely no page would be complete without a link to the Post? Adding the NYT seemed like overkill after that.
Scholarly Internet Resource Collections. Not the most intuitive interface in the world, but it does the trick, once you get the hang of it.
Computing Dictionary
I find this an awfully handy site, particularly when reading a doc spec where the writer has assumed we all know the same acronyms. Basic (no pun intended) dictionary of computer terms, thorough without being condescending.
How Stuff Works
Okay, this is cool. This is just plain cool. Go here for answers to questions like why coffee is addictive or why it's hard to start a car in the winter or why CDs reflect rainbow colors...Has the official Cat 'Neat n' Nifty' seal of approval.
Television listings
If one must be a pawn of the mass media, one should at least know what's on.... I'm sure there must be some other reason to have this. But there it is.
Part of Wired, so it's really kinda silly to have both of these listed. Webmonkey link here, as well as, both worthy websites.
Mad Scientist
Funny site, and the Random Knowledge Generator rocks. Think of it as a slightly less organized version of Why Things Work.
The Drudge Report
Lotsa links to other news pages, including the LA Times, BBC, Chicago Tribune, and a plethora of columnists.
Associated Press
Here it all is, lotsa mainstream media, in an unadulterated dose. Personally, I think you should be able to click on the ticker and jump to the story it's describing, but maybe it's an imperfect world.
The Atlantic
What's not to like about the Atlantic, at least as far as lit and poetry go? Nicely navigable, and you can search for content from past issues.
New Scientist
British mag, which one might describe as a slightly more readable version of Scientific American. Usually pretty on top of scientific trends.
Lunatic Fringe
Posts a list of sites particularly noteable for their hatespeech and intolerance. A little out of date, but one supposes this would be something (regrettably) difficult to keep up on.
The Nation
More politics and less artsy fartsy than the Atlantic, and with a slightly different slant, and well, generally people know this mag, so why am I bothering describing it? Read it if it's useful.
HealthWorld Online
Your basic one stop shopping for health related stuff. Fitness, nutrition, press releases, news, etc. Sure would be nice if they had a women's health section.


I don't think you can be alive in the American nineties without being aware of the allure of day trading. They charge more for online trades than some of the other sites, but they've been decent, and the cost per trade drops considerably if you do a lot of it. Free checking, and all of the other requisite perks.
The Motley Fool
But for info about what to do with an online trading service, this might be the best possible bet. Smart, sane and up to date advice, and the site never ever makes the mistake of taking itself too seriously. Lots of good exchange between readers, often about stuff like paying off creditcard debt.
Click for various offers and get various financial rewards back. This actually is how I ended up with E*Trade, and bagged 75 bucks for doing it. If you sign up for Cybergold, do me a favor and enter my email, as the way you heard about it? It means a big fifty cents to me, and you know how those quarters add up after a while... well, that's my hope, at any rate.
Consumer's Digest
I could insert various sayings about wise consumerism here, but gosh, haven't we heard them all? I was raised in a household that faithfully looked up the appropriate article in CD before buying, and hence I continue in the path of my progenitor.
First Tech
As far as I'm concerned, my bank invented this just so I could track those damn ATM withdrawals that I always forget to write down. Thanks, guys.
Where's George?
Okay, this is kinda dorky but fun. People enter the serial numbers of their bills in here and the idea is to be able to track their movement around the country. Or it could just be a government plot, designed to make us cooperate with the data gathering on our private lives.
Consumer Info Center

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