Most of the following are available in the Original Submissions section of the Armageddon MUD website, located at

Alkyone and the Gypsies This story features Alkyone, along with a couple other Armageddon characters, Belya and Alak. The name Mikka was borrowed from another character, and the setting of the story is a tower in the tablelands. Beyond that, everything is made up, which is why I never put it on the Armageddon website. In the world of this story, telepathy is a forgotten secret, so therefore it must not be Zalanthas. Marion Zimmer Bradley called this story predictable; it is, but I still like the dialogue in it.
Drov's Daughter This is my attempt at an Armageddon horror story, set in Allanak. I used a Byn sergeant as my victim since I thought he would be a good contrast to the mysterious nature of the protagonist. The name, but nothing else, was taken from an existing character, and the Elementalists Quarter was altered slightly for dramatic effect. This won 3rd place in the 2001 MudWorld & Art of Building - Award of Excellence Plot Contest.
The Honeymoon This is not an Armageddon story, but it is based on a MUD. It's the only story I ever wrote about a Dark Castle character, and I abandoned it halfway through. Nonetheless, it was fun to put together, and perhaps some day I'll come back to it. There are a HUGE number of game references, from Ofcol to red blindfolds and even that enigmatic Someone.
A Muark Folktale This is a rewriting and Zalanthizing of a South African folktale. I made it belong to the Azia, one of the Tan Muark tribes, known for their glibness. Some people may recognize a passing reference to Alkyone, in the form of the Rashani.
Phaerys A short story, based directly on an Armageddon character, Alkyone. Other players may recognize a couple of past characters, specifically Phaerys herself, Rhydun and Enaias. Mukareb was, in fact, an infamous defiler on Armageddon, although there are some suspicions that his rise to fame might have been assisted by some hackers.
The Templar's Sons I cannot claim credit for the idea behind this story, which was Nessalin's. I simply wrote the flesh that clothes the bones, since I thought the concept was so entirely funny..
The Forest of Silence This is a background story for a gothic, urban fantasy-ish MUD area. This won 1st place in the 2001 MudWorld & Art of Building - Award of Excellence Plot Contest.


Again, many of these are available on the Armageddon website. Others are on NPC bards on the game. The majority are based on actual folk or blues songs; I've tried to indicate the ones that are original. With songs that are performed by NPC bards, I've included their entire performance, since part of the challenge of creating them was the writing of the appropriate emotes.

And She Always Answered No I think this was originally sung by Karaluvian Fale, in the Trader's Inn, accompanied by a bardic friend. It's an adaptation of an English folksong. Performed by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
Crazy Love This is pretty much a straight rendition of an existing song, with no changes in the lyrics. However, the performance is a pretty good example of using a virtual NPC in the emotes/singing, and this was what made putting it in rather fun. Performed by Jhared in the Silver Wheel.
The Diplomacy of Swords A straightforward song, inspired by the Tors. The lyrics are original. Sung by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
A Dreamer's Consolation Irish song, which I liked, and used mainly for the byplay between the bard and the virtual waitress NPC. Performed by Jhared in the Silver Wheel.
An Erdlu Without No Bone The joke behind this one is that Nessalin has promised that if anyone sings this at one of the immortal gatherings, they'll get tossed off the balcony. Hence, I had to make sure it was in the game somewhere. Performed by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
Gypsy Davey This is an adaptation of a classic folksong, performed by Jhared in the Silver Wheel.
The Ladies Love a Stone Mage I originally wrote this for a fantasy novel I was working on, which has yet to be completed, and liked it enough to keep elaborating on it. The challenge is for people to make up additional verses, which makes it a good drinking song. Yes, there is a tune that goes with it.
Nakki Whiskey Fairly straightforward adaptation of an American folktune. Sung by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
An Oash Lord This was an impromptu song created in answer to a challenge from Garrick. Now sung by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel. Original lyrics.
The Oash, They Are Hiring Another song composed by the bards of Fale, whose favorite object of satire was generally House Oash. The inspiration was the infiltration of the Oash guard by Trevelli al Deluro, one of the Muark, who eventually actually became their captain. Now sung by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel. Original lyrics.
Ol' Dwarf Olin An adaptation of an Irish song. Making the references Zalanthan was fairly challenging with this one, but I liked the way it turned out. Sung by Jhared in the Silver Wheel.
Once I Loved the Wind This was one of the first Armageddon songs I wrote, and IC was composed by the Tan Muark I was running at the time. Original lyrics.
Red Roses Adaptation of a 19th century song. Sung by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
The Silver Wheel Written by the Muark as well. Taravin sings it at the Bard's Barrel in Allanak. Original lyrics.
A Soldier's Song Adapted from a folk song, and sung by Jhared in the Silver Wheel.
Spice Smokes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women This is an adaptation of a blues song called "Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild Wild Women. It seemed a particularly Luirs-ish song, and so I put it on Jhared in the Silver Wheel. "Dilo" means "fool" in the Muark language.
Tors and Conversation Presumably created by the Faleish bards, this song, very loosely based on an English folksong, centers on the military propensities of House Tor. Performed by Taravin in the Bard's Barrel.
What's a Zeina To Do Tan Muark song, again one that has its own melody. Original lyrics.
The Wind Blows Over the Plains Written by my Whiran. There was a companion song to it, which I'm still trying to find a copy of, but which seems to have vanished in the move from one computer to another. Alas.

MudWorld Award of Excellence - 2001: 1st Place Winner