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Personal stuff? Well, hmmm... Let's leave most of it a mystery, shall we? Here's something else to amuse yourself with. Or, if you absolutely must, this is me, in college. I'm the only one in a dress. Or here I am, riding an elephant in Thailand. This is my cat. This was my garden in Baltimore.

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At any rate, my online life seems to be divided between a couple of places: the ISCA bbs and Armageddon MUD, located at 4050. I got interested in MUDs about seven or eight years ago, and started on a hack and slash, called Dark Castle, eventually becoming one of the Implementors and producing several areas in the process, including Everwinter, A Midsummer's Night Forest , and the Sea of Dreams. I left Dark Castle due to general burnout and dissatisfaction, partly caused by seeing someone else making money off my hard work and time, and partly due to impatience with the hack and slash mentality. Despite this, I still return there to kill a few pink poodles now and again. Currently, I work under the name of Sanvean on Armageddon. Click here for the Armageddon webpage or here to see one of the toys I designed to inspire builders on DC (works best in Netscape). Some photographs from the 1997 Armageddon Players' Meeting, in Iowa City, Iowa, are located here. Gaming has produced my own electronic tribe, most of whom have enough sense not to have webpages, but a brief list of those who do, with links, is located here.

My interests, like those of most folk in the wonderfully complicated twentieth century, are varied. If I had to name some foci, though, they'd include science fiction, 20th century literature, gardening, Wiccan spirituality, web design, feminism, Marxist cultural studies (particularly the work of Slavoj Zizek), and world music (anything with drums!). I'm working on a non-fiction project at the moment, which involves a manuscript my grandmother produced (she was a writer of young adult sports novels) while battling Alzheimer's combined with my own attempts at autobiography. My obligatory links page is here.

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I do some computer work, mostly web stuff, and have a company which does web design and consulting, which goes by the name of Ætherglyphics. Glyphics are signs, and the prefix Æther indicates that they're being written in a rather insubstantial and intangible substance. I don't make any money off this. Instead, for a long time (a year and a half!) I earned my daily bread working for a company that does network security stuff, Intrusion Detection, Inc., which was purchased by a larger company, Security Dynamics Technologies, last year. I was the Research and Development Coordinator there, which encompassed a lot of areas but basically meant that I made sure the right people got hit over the head with the right information a sufficient number of times. Going to work for IDI meant abandoning my beloved Macintosh and learning Novell and Windows NT but, hey, change is good, right? ? Last March, SDTI closed their NYC office, and rather than relocate to Boston, I went to work for Optimark Technologies while still doing some amount of free lance writing. Generally, 1999 was a year filled with events...not always untraumatic ones. In May, coming back from vacation, the car I was driving on the NJ Turnpike ended up under a trailer truck, which ripped the roof off the car and drug me about 500 yards. Somehow, miraculously, I got out of it with just a head injury, though that did require a lot of stitches. No visible permanent scars, though. Two weeks later, Microsoft offered me a job and I said goodbye to NYC and moved to Redmond, Washington.

This particular web site is my playground. If you don't like it, then go away. Oscar Wilde once said seriousness is the last refuge of the shallow -- I happen to agree.

third frog picture
third frog picture

I have a Master's in writing from Johns Hopkins, and have had a few pieces published, here and there, mostly in small literary magazines. There's a lot of my writing on this site; click here to go to that page. John Barth, with whom I 'm proud to say I studied, called my stories "works of urban mythopoeia"; I'm hoping someday he'll explain to me what that means. I'm interested in modern poetry and am working on a website centered around that interest, which is not in place just yet. I abandoned the PhD program in English at Indiana University in order to come to New York and go corporate, which I personally am convinced was A Good Thing. My field of study was 20th century American literature, with a minor in cultural studies. Click here to see the sort of stuff I wrote there.

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