Things to Think Out When Deciding Whether or Not to Come on Staff

  1. Do you have the time? We do expect staff to log in regularly, although obviously people will have varying amounts of time. If you take on a clan or other obligation, we expect you to have enough time to devote it the energy/attention it deserves. You are not required to be around for immortal days, although they're handy. If you need to take a week or so off for vacation, we do expect some notice beforehand, rather than a simple disappearance.
  2. Would you rather play? There's no shame in preferring to play; many people do. If you worry about being on staff "spoiling" your enjoyment of the game, it's a valid worry, because it does change your experience of the game. If you are thinking "I'll get on staff, but I'll avoid the areas of the game I still want to be a mystery to me," be aware that it's a bad approach.
  3. Can you handle criticism? As a staff member, you will be allied with a group that is perceived at times as heavy-handed and unfair. Sometimes we are the former; we try to avoid being the latter. Can you handle the occasional "you suck" from a disgruntled player without getting unduly upset or overreacting? At the same time, are you willing to take guidance from other staff and not get defensive about it?
  4. Are you a team player? This is pretty important to us, and if you realize that you are not happy in any ring except the central one, you may want to continue as a player, rather becoming one of a group of staff members?
  5. Are you willing to read documentation? We have a lot of it, and while we don't expect you to memorize it all, we do expect you to at least know the docs well enough to find answers when you need them. Beyond that, we ask that you keep up with the staff discussion board on a regular basis.

I'm glad to answer questions about the process; there's more of what we expect from staff members here.