Armageddon MUD is an online fantasy game in which players jointly inhabit a harsh, post-apocalyptic desert world. The game requires roleplay; while conflict abounds, the game is not about killing things. Rather, it is about living out a character's sometimes short and always difficult life in the harsh world, Zalanthas. It is a world where sorcerer-kings and their ruthless servants, the Templarate, govern the two main cities, Allanak and Tuluk. Any magick not granted by the Kings is feared and hated, and where the punishment of such a curse might be death. In this harsh realm, life is a constant struggle, and death may occur over a drink of precious water.

Sun of Fate. artist: Biscuits

Armageddon is an unparalleled roleplaying experience, blending worldwide socio-political intrigue with riveting interpersonal conflict and cooperation. Some players and staff have been participating in the Armageddon experience for two decades.

You must be 18 years or older to play. ArmageddonMUD contains adult-oriented themes such as violence, murder, sexual content, and drug use that are not suitable for anyone under 18.

***** ArmageddonMUD is changing is vision and direction, see this post for more information

"…like no other mud I have played before."
"…the most creative, emotionally involved mud on the Net."
"…a place of astonishing beauty and detail."
"…the most entertaining game I've ever played!"

New to MUDs?

If you're completely new to online text-based roleplaying, a MUD (multi-user dungeon) is a form of massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) that is completely textual. Like an interactive, collaborative story, each player uses written text to describe their character's life as it unfolds, and to interact with other characters in the world. But like other computer games, there are also hard-coded actions, like combat, spellcasting, item-crafting, and more.

We strongly suggest that new players take the time to review the wealth of documents describing the rich cultural and historical detail of Zalanthas in order to help them design and roleplay an interesting, compelling character. If you want to try the game before investing too much time in the documentation, please read our Quickstart. Player Helpers are also available to guide you through your first forays in Zalanthas.

When you're ready to create your account and your first character, log into 4050. If you need help with this, read our telnet client primer.

You can also use Grapevine to connect at

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