Chronology of the Known World

As compiled by house slaves of Voryek.


The Old Council of Kings begins to decay. In the final meeting between the Kings and Avangions of old, the Council unanimously votes to dissolve itself.


The Empire, which apparently encompassed all of the land between Vrun Driath and the River Yen-el-Tun (even unto the darkness in the Broken Rim Mountains), disintegrates into feudal dukedoms. Years of territorial war follow.


The Dragon arrives at Gol Krathu and quickly seizes power. There is little resistance. Some accounts indicate that the lands were given over to the Dragon in a dark pact of betrayal. Servants of the Dragon roam the earth, crushing all opposition.


The Dragon rules the Known World for four hundred years. Most life, poisoned by the Dragon's magick, spread black plagues among the populations. Elves, dwarves, and men scatter to the furthest reaches of the realm to avoid the terrible Dragon, his dread servants, and the killing plagues which accompanied them.


The Dragon, for reasons unknown, departs the Known World. The empire of the Dragon, unable to function, crumbles within five years.

77 (Year 0 Age 2)

First Age ends.

154 (Year 0 Age 3)

Second Age ends.

c.170 (Year 16 Age 3)

Nomadic tribes begin to settle at Vrun Driath and Gol Krathu.

231 (Year 0 Age 4)

Third Age ends.

c.290 (Year 59 Age 4)

The powerful chieftain Quintus Tektolnes conquers and unites the tribes at Vrun Driath into a small kingdom. The tribes called Doombringer, Tan-Muark, and Shadow are among the conquered.

308 (Year 0 Age 5)

Fourth Age ends.

c.312 (Year 4 Age 5)

Quintus' son, aged 22, treacherously slays his father and assumes control of the kingdom, now called Allanak.

c.320 (Year 12 Age 5)

Work begins on the walls of the city-state of Allanak at Vrun Driath.

c.370 (Year 62 Age 5)

Rumors reach Allanak that at least one servant of the Dragon still abides in the Known World.

385 (Year 0 Age 6)

Fifth Age ends.

c.400 (Year 15 Age 6)

A hitherto unknown warrior named Muk Utep sacks the twelve tribes at Gol Krathu with an army of terrible barbarians out of the northwest. The tribes called the Elves of Mallok and the Twin Warlocks are among the conquered. The city-state of Tuluk begins to rise under Utep the Sun King.

c.450 (Year 65 Age 6)

Nearly one hundred years of warfare grips the Northlands as Utep wages campaigns of conquest to expand his domain.

469 (Year 7 Age 7)

Sixth Age ends.

539 (Year 0 Age 8)

Seventh Age ends.

616 (Year 0 Age 9)

Eighth Age ends.

628 (Year 12 Age 9)

The armies of the city-states of Allanak and Tuluk clash at Wyntek Harzen, east of the Red Desert. The battle is short and inconclusive. During the war, a black fortress is discovered in the sands. It is believed to be the home of Luir Dragonsthrall, last living servant of the Dragon.

c.650 (Year 34 Age 9)

The city-state of Steinal rises in the far east under the vile sorcerer Valasurus.

693 (Year 0 Age 10)

Ninth Age ends.

744 (Year 51 Age 10)

Tektolnes confronts Luir Dragonsthrall deep in the obsidian mines of Allanak. By use of incredible magicks, Tektolnes buries Luir under ninety-nine cords of rock.

770 (Year 0 Age 11)

Tenth Age ends.

847 (Year 0 Age 12)

Eleventh Age ends.

888 (Year 41 Age 12)

The armies of Allanak and Tuluk clash on the scrub plains near the Shield Wall. The battle continues, inconclusively, for an entire year.

911 (Year 64 Age 12)

The Dragon appears in Tuluk and an obscure exchange occurs between Muk Utep and the dread beast. At least one-fourth of Tuluk is destroyed by the Dragon. Afterward, the Dragon once again departs the Known World.

924 (Year 0 Age 13)

Twelfth Age ends.

c.950 (Year 26 Age 13)

The well-known dune traders of the realm begin to organize into merchant companies.

1000 (Year 76 Age 13)

The ancient tribes begin to reclaim their identities. The Elves of Mallok, the Shadow Clan, the Doombringers, the Tan-Muark, and the Twin Warlocks all resurface in various places across the realm.

1001 (Year 0 Age 14)

Thirteenth Age ends.

1020 (Year 19 Age 14)

Feudalism experiences a resurgence as the ancient tribes occupy and rule various parts of Utep's and Tektolnes' kingdoms. Small wars take place between the tribes over territorial disputes.

1055 (Year 54 Age 14)

The armies of Allanak and Steinal clash just west of the Great Salt Flats. Enraged, Tektolnes summons powerful magicks and puts down Valasurus, burying both him and the destroyed city of Steinal under the sands.

1078 (Year 0 Age 15)

Fourteenth Age ends.

1092 (Year 14 Age 15)

The Clan Wars begin. Pressed beyond their limits, the Shadow Clan claims right of revenge against the Elves of Mallok for the death of one of their number. The Elves refuse to admit guilt, and war is begun. The Doombringers and the Tan-Muark, through conflicts of their own, also enter into the war, as do the Twin Warlocks.

1149 (Year 71 Age 15)

The last members of the ancient tribes are presumed dead. The fierce warfare between the tribes deprives them of sufficient numbers to survive, and the Clans vanish. Feudalism declines, accompanied by a rise in mercantilism.

1155 (Year 0 Age 16)

Fifteenth Age ends.

1161 (Year 6 Age 16)

Merchant House Kadius establishes an emporium in Tuluk. Other Houses quickly form and follow suit in both Tuluk and Allanak.

1200 (Year 45 Age 16)

The clerical orders begin to rise. For unknown reasons, the powers of the elements experience greater access to the elemental planes.

1232 (Year 0 Age 17)

Sixteenth Age ends.

1300 (Year 68 Age 17)

Mercantilism grows extremely rapidly. By 1301, almost all of the economy is in the hands of Merchant Houses.

1305 (Year 73 Age 17)

For the first time in five hundred years contact is established with the Cai-Shyzn mantis clutch. A minor amount of trading between the mantises and civilized people begins, but once more, after a few short years, the mantises seclude themselves from further contact.

1309 (Year 0 Age 18)

Seventeenth Age ends.

1348 (Year 39 Age 18)

Without warning, Tektolnes bans the use of spice in Allanak. Tensions begin to grow between House Kurac (who controls the spice), Tuluk, and Allanak.

1367 (Year 58 Age 18)

The village of Red Storm East is formed by a collection of rebellious Allanaki farmers. Surprisingly, no reaction from the Allanaki templarate takes place, so it is assumed the action of the farmers is sanctioned.

1386 (Year 0 Age 19)

Eighteenth Age ends

1389 (Year 3 Age 19)

The first Defiler in over 1500 years is found and killed outside of Tuluk. Ancient texts resurface which detail much of Defiler magick.

1394 (Year 8 Age 19)

The joint forces of the Clear Waters Oasis tribe and the Ironsword clan attack Allanak's obsidian mine, managing to free the slaves. Thrain Ironsword dies in the battle along with several templars. After the attack the Clear Waters Oasis tribe, joined by a horde of former slaves, lay siege to Allanak. During this time, Tektolnes is mysteriously absent.

1395 (Year 9 Age 19)

Exactly one year after the beginning of the siege of Allanak, Tektolnes reappears in the guise of a dragon and breathes death upon the sieging army - the army ceases to exist. Over the course of the next few years, a temple is built near the entrance of the city, in which the newly formed white-robe templarate preach the worship of He Who Rescued Us, the Mighty Dragon Tektolnes.

1403 (Year 17 Age 19)

An unprecedented meeting of the three great merchant houses - Kadius, Kurac, and Salarr - takes place in Allanak, presumably for them to discuss trade matters of the Known World. It ends, however, in the death of one of the Kuraci representatives and as a result, cooperation between the houses is set back even further.

1409 (Year 23 Age 19)

For reasons unknown a large clutch of mantises emerges from the Tablelands and attacks a sprawling encampment of gypsies near Luir's Outpost. With the aid of Blackwing elves, the mortal enemies of the mantises, the gypsies are able to totally defeat the onslaught.

1441 (Year 55 Age 19)

A fire of questionable origin starts in the scrub plains south of Tuluk and almost destroys the city. Isar, High Templar of Tuluk, uses powerful magick to stop the fire, however. The fire leaves a wide path of scorched earth leading south away from the city.

1445 (Year 59 Age 19)

After a miserably failed coup, Precentor Kul is banished from Tuluk by Precentor Isar.

1450 (Year 64 Age 19)

A terrifying and presumably magickal cataclysm strikes the city-state of Tuluk, leaving it to be nothing more than a pile of rubble and ruins. Over seventy thousand people are killed that day in what has since come to be known as the Fall of Tuluk. During the chaos, Precentor Kul manages to overthrow Precentor Isar and gains control over what little remains.

1458 (Year 72 Age 19)

A new government in Tuluk is formed, still headed by the Sun King Muk Utep, giving a greater authority to the common people, noble houses, and merchant houses of Gol Krathu. This council becomes known as the Northlands Alliance.

1461 (Year 75 Age 19)

A small army of Allanaki soldiers launches a surprise attack on Luir's Outpost. After dealing a considerable amount of damage, the army sweeps northward to the Scaien Gates of Tuluk. However, they are met by an enormously larger army, and destroyed in a humiliating defeat. The first victory of either side in the ongoing Allanaki-Tuluki conflict ever, this Battle of Tuluk re-establishes the northern powers as a force to be reckoned with.

1463 (Year 0 Age 20)

Nineteenth Age ends.

1471 (Year 8 Age 20)

Terrorists with the assistance of massive amounts of flash powder destroy the Dragon Temple in the heart of Allanak. However, moments later, Allanak launches an invasion of the Xytrix-Za valley of mantises, completely annihilating what remains of the Cai-Shyzn clutch.

1475 (Year 12 Age 20)

A minor skirmish takes place just south of Luir's Outpost between the city-state of Allanak and the Northern Alliance that results in the first-ever Allanaki victory over its northern enemy. This takes place during complex negotiations between Kurac and Allanak, after which Kurac is allowed back in Allanak, although the ban on spice remained in place. One month later, Allanak seizes Luirs.

1476 (Year 13 Age 20)

Allanak, after centuries of bloodshed and war, launches a successful assault on the Northlands. In a series of bloody battles, Allanaki troops conquer the region of Gol Krathu. The lone surviving Allanaki templar, Elaira Fale of the Blue, is credited with the victory. However, the invaders are unable to finish the job, as Muk Utep holes up in his pyramid and an indefinite siege begins.

1516 (Year 53 Age 20)

After forty years of Allanaki occupation, the Sun Legions of Tuluk launch a surprise attack on the Southern forces occupying the Gol Krathu region. Composed of members of the Sun King's Legions, the Rebellion, various human tribes of unknown origins, and hordes of hideously mutated and deformed creatures, the army successfully penetrates the Scaien Walls and liberates the land inside. The Allanaki Red Robes Sathis Valika and Aquila Nenyuk are slain in a duel with Isar, who is also mortally wounded during the confrontation. In the confusion, Kul himself is also cut down as the Tuluki forces make their way towards Luirs, liberating it from Allanaki occupation as well. Here, the Allanaki Red Robe Ihsahn Kasix and his units are caught between the Tuluki army and Kuraci militia. They are summarily executed.

1522 (Year 59 Age 20)

Under the cloak of night, aided by a tremendous sandstorm, a small group of terrorists set off several barrels of flash powder within the Tor Academy, causing a tremendous amount of damage and chaos. Simultaneously, a Tuluki force led by the Jihaen templar Gavale Uaptal descends on the Xytrix-Za Valley and slaughters the occupying Allanaki forces.

1540 (Year 0 Age 21)

Twentieth Age ends.

1542 (Year 2 Age 21)

A swarm of mantis, led by a sorceror that identifies himself as the Lord of Storms, descends on Luirs' Outpost, forcing the Kuraci presence within the outpost to flee. Rumors persist that he is marshalling his forces for a northward assault on Gol Krathu and that he has formed a dark alliance with a powerful creature from east of the Tuluki Plains.

1543 (Year 3 Age 21)

The Kuraci forces, finding themselves without a homebase, establish Ten'Sarak as an alternative trade route through the Red Desert. Located somewhat southeast of the Outpost, Tan'Sarak provides an effective, if temporary, location to centralize their operations.

1549 (Year 9 Age 21)

The gates of Luirs' Outpost open after seven years of mantis occupation and a horde of the insectoid creatures, interspersed with numerous undead humanoids and several apparently magickal constructs, pour forth and overrun the two Tuluki fortresses along the North Road. Encountering little in the way of meaningful resistance, the mantis swarm towards Tuluk. The Tuluki forces, composed of a loose alliance of the Legions and various Houses, are hard pressed to bring the mantis advance to a halt. The invaders break through the marshaled defenses and make their way to the heart of the city. During the course of the battle an enormous eruption of psychic energies pours out from the center of the city and sends ripples throughout the Known World. Apparently traumatized by the unleashed energies, the invading forces become disoriented and confused, turning on each other and allowing the city defenders to push them back. The remnants of the invaders split into two groups, with the majority of the insectoid creatures fleeing to the southwest. The remaining invaders flee back to Luirs Outpost. Hoping to capitalize on the victory, the Kuraci forces and their allies launch a quick assault on the Outpost and force what little remains of the mantis invaders to retreat.

1567 (Year 27 Age 21)

Tuluki forces capture a source of copper - an extremely rare and valuable resource - deep within the Red Desert. Very soon an army is sent from Allanak, led by Templar Malenthis Jal the Red, to try and wrestle control of the mine from them, and a two-month long conflict erupts, known as the Copper War. The war ends with both sides claiming victory as the Tuluki force, led by Templars Radic Lyksae, Eunoli Winrothol and Felysia Kassigarh, withdraws from the desert after having mostly spent the vein. The Allanaki army quickly seizes control over what is left and establishes a small camp at the location.

1568 (Year 28 Age 21)

In the aftermath of the Copper War, the Allanaki Senate votes to fine House Kurac a vast sum of obsidian coin, as penalty for apparently supporting Tuluk.

1571 (Year 31 Age 21)

Several meetings of the Tuluki Triumverate were held. The first abolished the tiers of noble houses and opened the noble quarter to public access. At the second meeting, it was reported that Muk Utep had awoken to find his city disturbed and had made some resolutions. His resolutions were to reopen the area near the Ivory Pyramid once known as the ruins, and rename it the Old Quarter. More significantly, he divided the city into fief-like divisions called qynar, which along with areas outside the city known as striasiri, would henceforth be administered on behalf of the city by noble governors appointed by the Lirathan order.

1573 (Year 33 Age 21)

Combined forces of the Allanaki militia, House Borsail, and House Tor descend on the nearby mul outpost and kill or enslave all inhabitants.

1575 (Year 35 Age 21)

Several merchant houses make silt skimmer expeditions into the Sea of Silt, pressing into the unknown reaches south of Red Storm. Sometime during the trip, they attract the attention of the enigmatic and impossibly large Silt Giants, also known as "true giants." The giants chase the skimmer expedition back to shore, making landfall in Red Storm East. Over the course of the next few years, a few giants, so tall that their silhouettes are visible for miles, settle in Red Storm East, driving out the farmers and workers who, until then, produced much of Allanak's grain. Famine sweeps through the southern parts of the known world as grain becomes all but unavailable in Allanak and elsewhere.

In the same year, a mysterious malady begins to sweep throughout the known world, causing the kank - Zalanthans' primary method of transporation - to slowly sicken and die. Trade routes suffer as the centers of civilization struggle to obtain a new means of healthy, cheap beasts of burden to replace the dying animals. Kank honey, an ingredient in many popular foodstuffs for the upper class, becomes virtually nonexistent. Many factions across the known world devote countless hours of time and effort to discovering and halting the unknown illness, to no effect. Over time, the kank becomes all but extinct.

1579 (Year 39 Age 21)

An army of gith holds Allanak in an extended period of loose seige, using the citystate's extensive sewer system to infiltrate the city from beneath the ground. An organized defense effort consisting of the Arm of the Dragon, the T'zai Byn, and the Great Merchant Houses beats back the majority of gith forces within the city. A large portion of the gith threat claims the Borsail estate, however, despite House Tor's concentrated defense of the noble's quarter. The farming villages, responsible for much of the city's grain production, are attacked at roughly the same time, though the gith hoarde is defeated with a counterattack, led by Lord Templar Samos Rennik. The besieged Borsail estate, declared to be treacherous, is sunk into a pit of lava shortly thereafter by the Black Robe Tarith Kasix, effectively ending the gith threat.

1580 (Year 40 Age 21)

At the party which marks the choosing of a Hlum Chosen in Tuluk, Muk Utep Himself appears. After delivering a cryptic message, He returns to the Ivory Pyramid.

1585 (Year 45 Age 21)

A successful political campaign by House Oash leads to the closure of the Council of Allanaki Mages by the Allanaki Senate.

1591 (Year 51 Age 21)

Quietly and discreetly, House Kurac pulls all personnel and possessions from Allanak, leaving behind only a bare estate.

1595 (Year 55 Age 21)

A warparty led by Allanaki blue-robe templars and including soldiers of House Tor and gemmed from House Oash makes a foray into the Tablelands, striking for an oasis. They apparently meet no resistance, and do not stay at the oasis long before turning back for Allanak. Within hours, magickal creatures of stone strike in the streets of Luirs and Allanak, overtaking portions of the cities until they can be beat back. Simultaneously, the earth rumbles, and large swaths of the North Road between Allanak and Luir's crumble off the Shield Wall; while cliffs which border the North Road between Luir's and Tuluk collapse and cover it.

1596 (Year 56 Age 21)

An earthquake strikes the whole Known, being felt everywhere and by everyone. Then, a large shape crosses the sky and seems to settle over Suk-Krath, bringing complete darkness to the world. In the darkness, moisture falls from the air, and for a brief time, rain comes to the Known.

As the darkness stretches on over days and into a week, the streets of the cities become dangerous. In Allanak, rioters set fire to buildings and lynch gemmed; in Tuluk, crime runs rampant. Nobles and templars for the most part remain huddled in safety.

At the end of a full week of darkness, the shadow lifts from Suk-Krath to take its own place in the sky as a black moon which reflects very little light. Shortly, a series of further crises strikes both cities. In Tuluk, repeated waves of murky water crash in from west of the Scaien Gates, leveling Red Sun Commons, destroying many buildings, leaving thousands dead, and flooding UnderTuluk. While in Allanak, the city comes under attack from fire elementals as a volcano rises in the southwest, obliterating the critical farming villages of Menos and Taki and destroying the nearby camp of the Al'Seik tribe. In and around Luir's, creatures of stone cause death and destruction while fierce, tearing winds kick up.

In the aftermath, Allanak suffers massive, devastating starvation; Tuluk struggles to rebuild, while UnderTuluk and its people are no more. The halflings seem to be gone from the Grey Forest, and kryl and things previously unknown move in to take their place in the vastly changed landscape. The Al'Seik are nearly completely lost and must take up residence in the tents of the Arabet. And it is rumored that even in the alleys of the Labyrinth, changes were seen after the dark.

1598 (Year 58 Age 21)

In post-flood Tuluk, His Gloriousness Muk Utep sees fit to elevate a new High Precentor, Precentor Ardith Lyksae, of the Order of Jihae. The Jihaens ascend to power as the leading Order of Tuluk.

c.1607 (Year 67 Age 21)

Over the period of a year, the Red Fangs clash with the Sun Runners. Vicious war begins between the two elven tribes. After bloody battles ranging from the steppes of the Tablelands to the sands of the Red Desert, the Red Fangs have been destroyed.

c.1613 (Year 73 Age 21)

At a rousing event in the Allanaki Arena, a behemoth of a spider is brought out to be slain by the gladiators. Upon being slain, countless smaller spiders burst from its corpse. Some of them escape into the stands and beyond. Over the course of the next few years, rising reports of dead rats and smaller animals lead to the discovery of those spiders having bred beneath the city and in the poorer districts. The burgeoning infestation of spiders is wiped out, but not before they wreak havoc and fear across the city-state.

c.1624 (Year 7 Age 22)

Meetings of the Tuluki Triumvirate result in Hlum nobles being given a vote (as a group) equal to that of any Surif House, to the dismay of many Surif nobles. Many public works are completed over time as Tuluk recovers from the damage of the Deluge, entering a time of relative peace and prosperity. The flow of refugees from Allanak slows to a trickle.

1627 (Year 10 Age 22)

A small army of Allanaki soldiers establish camp at Ten'Sarak. In reaction to the potential threat of an Allanaki move, the Tuluki fortress known as Ayun Iskandir sees increasingly high activity. Tensions and numbers rise on both sides as the two armies set out for Tyn Dashra. After scattered fighting on the borders and steppes, both forces meet to parlay, but neither side surrenders.

The two armies clash in a bloody battle. Suddenly, a great and powerful force was activated from somewhere in Tuluk, matched by a similar force in the Muark lands. Great beams of light spring into the air from each location. As the lights began to surge towards each other, the shadow of a dragon was sighted in the sky, swooping over Allanak, Luir's, towards Tuluk, and around the rest of the Known World before disappearing. After the beams of light connected, the land around Tyn Dashra was torn apart, great earthquakes rumbling outwards.

The volcano near Allanak is no more, with a great swath of scoria plains left in its wake. Tyn Dashra is destroyed--a volcano has erupted from within the rocky steppes. In Tuluk, Isar's Tree appears to be desiccated. Both armies flee the fiery carnage, and a group of the Muark are seen making their way to the gates at Luir's Outpost. Rumors abound that the North Road is no longer passable.

While both armies return to each of their respective city-states claiming victory, the days of sometimes uneasy peace between Allanak and Tuluk are at an end.

1627 (Year 10 Age 22)

Rumors emerge from Allanak that a team of spies in deep cover were successful in plotting sabotage against Tuluki forces during the lead up to the battle at Tyn Dashra, with whispers that the destruction of Isar's Tree might have been one of their prime targets.

In Tuluk, at a public celebration, High Precentor Ardith Lyksae steps down from his position to become Precentor of the Jihaen Order. A relatively unknown Lirathan by the name of Oralia Negean takes the mantle of High Precentor. Later in the proceedings, an Allanaki templar and soldier are executed publicly by the hand of the High Precentor and the Precentor of the Jihaen Order, respectively.

Over the next month, rumors of widespread disappearances spread throughout Tuluk.

1628 (Year 11 Age 22)

In a ruthless act of suppression, the newly ascendant order of Lirathu casts the Hlum nobility as traitors and collaborators. The Templarate proceeds to erase the Grey Hunt from Tuluki society and eradicates the Hlum Nobility, burning the estate to the ground. Those found to "remember" or mention the Hlum or Grey Hunt are dealt with quietly and efficiently by the Templarate.

c.1629 (Year 12 Age 22)

At a Descending Sun event in the Tuluki Arena, Muk Utep makes an appearance. During a short speech, he dissolves the Jihaen and Lirathan Orders, combining the templarate under the rule of the recently promoted High Precentor, Oralia Negean.

c.1629 (Year 12 Age 22)

Tensions flare between the common populace of Allanak and its minority gemmed population, which leads to riots and the eventual destruction of the elemental temples. Over the next couple of years, smaller and more subdued temples spring up in the Gemmed Quarter.

Meanwhile, in Tuluk, Tuluk's authorities begin restricting access to certain areas of the city for the safety of its citizens. Non-citizens are restricted to an area known as the Public Quarter, a region encompassing Freil's Rest, the Red Sun Commons, the Tribal Market, and the holdings of the Great Merchant Houses.

In a separate announcement that emerges from a recent meeting of the Triumvirate, shadow artistry is reformed under a new expansion of Templarate power.

1632 (Year 15 Age 22)

In an agreement with the Tuluki Templarate, House Negean's nobility are conscripted into the ranks of the templarate and almost immediately put into training. House Uaptal is granted the assets of former House Negean.

1633 (Year 16 Age 22)

House Uaptal's wealth and influence increase substantially, placing the House at the third rank among the noble houses in the Triumvirate. At a public event celebrating their good fortune, a member of the High Council of Uaptal is slain in front of onlookers by a shadow artist. Tensions rise between the noble houses.

c.1633 (Year 16 Age 22)

A rogue defiler makes an appearance in an Allanaki tavern. After exchanging jibes with a blue robed templar he is quickly escorted from the premises. Later that day a large crowd gathers in the Dragon Temple to witness the defiler's execution. Lord Eligeth of the Red, after turning the defiler to a pile of ash, is heard to remark that any such rogue will find a quick death if they dare approach Tektolnes' City.

1634 (Year 17 Age 22)

In an unprecedented utilization of shadow artistry, Houses Winrothol and Tenneshi band together to outfit a heavily armed contingent to assault House Uaptal's Estate, slaying most that reside within. Shortly thereafter, the Templarate and Legion both secure the former library assets of House Negean and establish heavy patrols of the Noble's Quarter. After a brief lull, the Triumvirate meets, abolishing the previous edicts to allow the nobility to govern vast swaths of the city-state directly. House Tenneshi is granted the assets of Uaptal having to do with natural resources, and House Winrothol is granted the assets of House Uaptal having to do with the breeding and sale of beasts of burden. House Kassigarh is granted writs to liquidate and secure loaned property to the former House Uaptal, and the financier House emerges as the new premier House in Tuluk.

In Allanak, decades after the Borsail Estate was destroyed by lava, reconstruction of the Allanak Nobles' Quarter begins.

1641 (Year 24 Age 22)

Unaffiliated southern refugees are rounded up from various slums in Tuluk by the Legions. Several weeks after the first disappearances, a force led by High Templar Jurinia Winrothol takes a force of listless figures masked by burlap sacks to the northern gates of Ten'Sarak, along with regular soldiers of His Legions, including the Sun's Furies, and various Faithful. After a short siege, the Tuluki forces break through the northern gate and systematically slaughter the remaining southern troops in the encampment before setting it ablaze. Tuluk abandons the razed camp and claims victory over Allanak.

High Templar Jurinia's shambling force grows as citizens and non-citizens alike begin to disappear from the streets of Tuluk. Riots begin to take place, and templars for and against High Templar Jurinia square off in the Red Sun Commons. The encounter ends with High Templar Poma Uaptal knocking High Templar Jurinia unconscious and calling for the gates of Tuluk to be closed. Denizens of Tuluk flee as fighting emerges between the two factions within the Unified Order.

1641 (Year 24 Age 22)

Two measures come before the Allanaki Senate. The first, to return the Borsail family to its place in the nobles' quarter. The second, to give the City Ministry control and oversight of city defense The first measure passes and the second measure fails.

1642 (Year 25 Age 22)

The city reels from a battle of epic and terrifying proportions. Tarith Kasix, Black Robe of the War Ministry and Parduashin Rennik, Black Robe of the City Ministry, waged war with one another in the skies over Allanak. The outpouring of magickal energy rocked the city, killing thousands of citizens. Flaming boulders, lightning storms, strange creatures, and other sights yet more horrible devastated the city. Worst still, and to the horror of all involved, the battle ended with not one but both contenders falling from the sky

1643 (Year 26 Age 22)

A political war rages among several of the Red Robes in the War and City Ministries, each vying to be named Black Robe. Militia loyal to different Legions are openly hostile in the streets. The politics come to a head when the Red Robe Lady Placidia Oash kills the Red Robe Lady Mica Borsail in a magickal duel just outside the Red's Retreat. Shortly thereafter, Lady Placidia Oash is named to lead the War Ministry and Lady Izel Sath is named to lead the City Ministry.

1646 (Year 29 Age 22)

An unknown force gathers and binds together the disparate gith warbands languishing in the southern Tablelands. Under this new chieftain the once languishing gith presence in the Pah experiences a revival – settled tribes are raided to extinction, byways through the desert become gith-ridden death-traps as the gith menace begins to spread.

1647 (Year 30 Age 22)

The N'kala are slaughtered to a man by a bold night raid by a gith warband, marking the first incursion into the northern Tablelands by gith in several Kings Ages.

Unchecked, the gith warbands become bolder, surging forth from their old territories to erect crude stockades and barricades in the northern Pah. Sporadic skirmishes cause this offensive to falter, but not collapse. These toeholds allow gith free reign across the Tablelands – many small human and elf tribes are exterminated, with those that survive joining an exodus from the Pah.

1648 (Year 31 Age 22)

During a migration of their camp, the Soh Kah, Azzah Kah is slain in single combat with a gith swathed in the red robe of an Allanaki Templar.

Ravaged by gith raiding and ashen defilement, the oasis known as the Gem begins to wither – its water turning putrid and its soil sterile.

In retaliation for a magickal attack on their camp, the Sun Runners launch a daring raid on the gith mesa. Few return – but the fires burn for days.

Word spreads amongst the displaced tribal peoples of 'Ghorog' – a she-gith wearing the red robe of the black pit. The tally of the slain by her hand and the hordes she leads grows with each telling.

1649 (Year 32 Age 22)

An alliance of the Soh Lannah Kah, Sun Runners, Arabet, Al'Seik and the people of the Mul Outpost come together to strike simultaneously the scattered gith outposts. Driven back and hemmed in by the attack on several fronts, many gith are slaughtered as they are over-run, cut off from reinforcements. Driven out of their holdings, the gith presence in the northern Pah is diminished, but the mesa and the heart of the gith dominion remains untouched.

1659 (Year 42 Age 22)

As Kurac and assorted allies make a strike on a gith tribe that has been harassing Luir's Outpost and trade for several years, the gith somehow gain access to the Kuraci Fist fort north of Luir's. Through apparent use of magick the fort is reduced to a glassed over wasteland by the gith.

c.1671 (Year 54 Age 22)

Named in the North as The Night of Ruk's Wrath, this event tortured the lands of the entire Known. Several weeks of odd manifestations of magick as well as earthquakes were reported from all corners of the Known World, but the culmination of it lead to several vast, odd stone structures rising seemingly at complete random, with some being out in the middle of the wastes and others being dead set center in city streets. For the city-state of Tuluk however, who's gates were closed at the time, the quake was a work of true devastation. The brutal violence of the ground turned the formerly beautiful environs of the Northern Gardens, Tribal Market, and Poet's Circle (now known as The Silent Circle) to utter ruin.

1678 (Year 61 Age 22)

A relatively unknown sorcerer takes up residence near the Lord of Ash statue upon the salt flats and tricks several nearby tribes into believing he really is the ancient being. Under his secret command and prompting, more and more tribes are brought into the fold or forcibly conquered and conscripted. Knowing well that Allanak would not suffer a threat to rise, this three hundred strong band of tribals and raiders reach out to a small northern group and that of the Crimson Wind of Red Storm to bolster their numbers. When the war comes, sizeable casualties are had on both sides, and after a few weeks, Allanak kills this group to the last. The unnamed sorcerer is never confirmed among the dead.

1684 (Year 67 Age 22)

Under cover of nightfall with an escape wagon at the ready - a collection of former Kuraci employees slip inside the Storm's End tavern and attempt some manner of magick. The result is devastating - The tavern and surrounding roads are blown open, strange shards of wood rain down upon the market, and some ancient horror pays visit upon the Outpost. During all the confusion, those former Kuraci board their wagon and escape to parts unknown.

1688 (Year 71 Age 22)

In a notable meeting of the Senate, Allanak passes measures to greatly expand the city's reach through road works. Further, raising questions within their rigid society, blooded family of the Great Merchant Houses secure a victory over their own law enforcement rules through His Templarate. Exalted Lady Izel Sath, the voice of Tektolnes, only adds to the upheaval - announcing various tier changes to those of His nine noble houses.

1693 (Year 76 Age 22)

In year 76 of 22nd Age, the Dragon's Maw Legion of Allanak arrived in Luir's and set up camp. After taking over the outpost for their own, they stayed for a year and departed the week before the month of Ascending Sun. Marching northward, the entire Dragon's Maw Legion, over 3000 soldiers and some say as many as a dozen templars, drove like a jade dagger into the heart of the Grey Forest - only to be repelled, and almost eradicated. Losing half their force or more in a conflict some are calling Battle of the Vale of Sparks, the remaining wounded raced southwards only to realize their original path was blocked by a full army of the Ivory City - which had, after most of the 22nd age, opened its gates once again. They diverted, and fled, and were finally caught within Ten Sarak and almost completely eradicated. Amongst the fallen were countless soldiers, dozens of mages, Faithful Lord Aevron Kassigarh, Lord Inquisitor Sahtuk Valika (The Eye of His Empire), Lord Templar Anaxa Fale, Lady Templar Lieutenant Commander Rafora Oash, and Lord Templar Segesvar Borsail.

1695 (Year 1 Age 23)

Tuluk, after decades of being closed to the outside world, reopens its gates to outsiders and trade. Masked and robed Faithful Ladies and Lords, Nobles, and commoners of all walks of life watch as the Dreaming City is once more brought back into the fold of Zalanthas. Many portions of the city are still locked down, requiring the six-pronged hand tattoos to pass.

1699 (Year 5 Age 23)

House Salarr, House Kadius, and House Kurac are invited back into Tuluk as trading partners, under unknown terms and circumstances.

1701 (Year 7 Age 23)

Following a great shaking of the earth near the Silt Sea, a small group of strange, mutated humanoids takes residence in a new oasis. Calling themselves the Bashurit, they are identified as belonging to the thryzn race who until that moment had only been known to live in the secluded chasm north of the Grey Forest. These people wander the known for approximately a year, before finally finding a new home in the Barrier Mountains that surround the mantis valley.

1705 (Year 11 Age 23)

An Ancient Tome is found on an island in the Silt Sea, and is purchased by Kurac.

1706 (Year 12 Age 23)

An Auction in Luir's Outpost brings two Faithful from Tuluk and a Templar from Allanak, along with a handful of Nobles from both City States in an unprecedented peaceful gathering of highborn from both cities. During this auction, a Dragonsthrall appears, calling himself the Moth Whisper, and offers a trade for the Tome, but is pushed away. The tome is acquired by nobles from Allanak and returned to that city. Later that year, House Salarr hires mercenaries to clear out an ankheg nest near Luir's Outpost. While inside the caves, they discover copper in ankheg excrement. Houses Salarr, Kadius, and Kurac set up a campsite together, proving to become a period of relative unity and cooperation. Meanwhile, Tuluk and Allanak send forces to secure a portion of the mines' yield. Ultimately, Tuluk and Allanak's armies leave the area, the mine depleted, having secured a portion of the copper each from the Merchant Houses without shedding blood.

1707 (Year 13 Age 23)

The defiling sorcerer known as Moth Whisper, and a group of aberrant followers, attack and seize control of the Allanaki village New Menos.

1708 (Year 14 Age 23)

Allanak liberates New Menos, killing everyone inside, including the Moth Whisper, revealed as Bask Dragonsthrall. A large tree grows instantly from his dying corpse.

1713 (Year 19 Age 23)

An unnatural darkness descends on much of the Grey Forest for reasons unknown and lingers for some time. With little warning, the entire Known is covered by this darkness coupled with sporadic rain, lasting around 16 days. Just as it started, the darkness and rain inexplicably cease, and the world returns almost to normal. The darkness of the Grey Forest, however, remains for years, eventually driving out most of the kryl, who are slaughtered, their numbers never recovering.

1716 (Year 22 Age 23)

Allanak faces intense natural phenomena for over a decade, causing widespread famine, death, chaos, and uncertainty. This period of time becomes known as the ‘Great Famine’. Blame initially falls on the Gemmed, leading to persecution. However, Oash direct Gemmed aid at the problem, resulting in such success that it led to a time of increased appreciation, acceptance, and employability of elementalists. House Kadius is ultimately villainized as a scapegoat for smuggling flour from Red Storm Village to Tuluk, though the veracity of these rumors is never proven. House Kadius’ Estate is ransacked during a massive riot, where a Red Robe Syskana Fale significantly reduces the seditious population present with lightning and fire and declares the Great Famine at an end. House Kadius, as a result, pulls a majority of its business from Allanak, leaving its Estate in a state of disrepair for several years, and destabilizing the luxury goods industry in Allanak for decades. Relations between House Fale and House Kadius plummet to enmity, as the former holds a Fete at the doorstep of Kadius’ Estate, fomenting the riot that destroys it.

1719 (Year 25 Age 23)

A sandstorm of mythic proportions engulfs the Salt Flats, rendering them impassable for nearly five years. House Jal shoulders the expensive task of rebuilding the Salt Camp, pouring fortunes into restoration efforts. When the storm subsides, it becomes clear that the entire village of Red Storm East has been reduced to rubble. Meanwhile, a new fortified village is observed to have been constructed far to the east, on the shore of the Silt Sea.

1724 (Year 30 Age 23)

The Mesa Gith, led by their Skoto, invade the Bashurit's valley at night. Using a dark ritual, the Skoto find a weak spot between the Known and the Plane of Elkros, and unleash a devastating storm. Despite Thasik Grudash's quick response, the valley is destroyed. Most Bashurit escape, but the storm rages for years more, leaving them nowhere to return. A scouting party finds the valley lifeless and the Bashurit village utterly ruined. After a number of years, the Bashurit make a new home just outside the mantis valley.

1725 (Year 31 Age 23)

Emboldened by their victory against the Bashurit, the Mesa Gith push outwards, engaging in a massive war with the elven and human tribes of the Tablelands.

1726 (Year 32 Age 23)

Conflict between House Salarr and House Kurac erupts in the desert as they clash over a Salarri controlled mine. The sands of Zalanthas run red with blood as privateers and soldiers fight and die amidst the dunes. The mine is destroyed, taking hundreds of lives with it. All lives sacrificed in the name of greed and power.

1727 (Year 33 Age 23)

After long negotiations, the Elan Pah is once more formed by the desert elf tribes of Blackwing, Dune Stalkers, Sun Runners, and Soh Lanah Kah. They are joined by the human tribes that inhabit the area, and together they wage war against the gith. The carnage results in the defiling of the oasis known as the Gem, and the obliteration of the Desert Elf Outpost, and within a few years the dissolution of the Elan Pah.

1729 (Year 35 Age 23)

A loose conglomerate of raiders and silt-skimmers under the banner of ‘Bastards of the Silt Sea’ rises to prominence. Allanak’s Blue Robes and the Arm of the Dragon, alongside a contingent of Tor Scorpions and the T’zai Byn, march to their camps in a massive battle that takes place over the course of a few days. A prominent Blue Robe Relalto Borsail is killed by a former Sergeant of the Arm of the Dragon, who wears his deserter’s armor and clothes to the battle and infiltrates the Allanaki camp. A half-giant known only as ‘Captain’ bears the robes of a previously slain Blue Robe into battle, laying waste about him before succumbing to a thousand cuts. Gralden Tor, the field commander of the Scorpions, is said to have collected several dozen heads by himself. The Bastards of the Silt Sea are dispersed and slain, but at no small cost to the Allanaki Arm of the Dragon and its soldiers; many are slain, and replacements for troops come directly from the outlying villages, particularly Yaroch. Liviana Kasix, another Blue Robe, rises to prominence and replaces Relalto Borsail as the adjunct to Syskana Fale, a Red Robed War Minister.

1731 (Year 37 Age 23)

The Gemmed from Houses Oash, Rennik, and Jal play a pivotal role in filling labor gaps after the losses during the Great Famine, shifting public opinion towards magick. This leads to power shifts, with Houses Tor and Rennik gaining prominence while Houses Borsail and Kasix suffer losses due to their reliance on slave exploitation. A proxy war ensues, escalating into assassinations and street violence. The conflict ends with the Night of Ashen Highborn, where Houses Kasix and Valika suffer dissolution for their role, and a shakeup of the noble hierarchy in Allanak follows. During these times, two Senior Nobles, a Tor and Borsail, escalate their feud to a personal duel under the supervision of a Great Lord. Consequently, Champions of Nobility fighting in their stead grow in prominence amongst all families except Tor, who prefer to handle their own fights. Most duels are negotiated to be non-lethal, but some remain to the death, if agreed upon in writing. A new tradition in Allanak society of dueling is born.

1732 (Year 38 Age 23)

An Allanaki Senate meeting turns into a political brawl as the remaining seven noble houses debate what becomes of the riches of the two fallen Houses. Through back-door political maneuvering, House Fale manages to secure the majority of fallen House Valika's loans.

1736 (Year 42 Age 23)

The rivalry between House Kurac and House Salarr reaches a new boiling point as tensions escalate between the two. Violent skirmishes erupt in the streets of Allanak as Agents of both factions vie for control of key strategic assets. The conflict is forced out of the city by the Templarate in order to maintain peace in the streets, but the relationship between the two Great Merchant Houses is deeply strained.

1744 (Year 50 Age 23)

After the Elan Pah dissolves at the conclusion of the gith war, some infighting among the desert elves occurs for years, eventually leading to the total annihilation of the Dune Stalkers, their bloodlines eradicated by the Sun Runners. Several years later the Sun Runners leave the Sun Spire, moving west past the Blackwing lands.

1754 (Year 60 Age 23)

House Salarr strikes copper again and establishes a new mine in the far western reaches of the Vrun Driath desert, naming it Helwith's Redemption. They quickly and massively fortify the site.

1755 (Year 61 Age 23)

An agreement between the Mul Outpost and the Bashurit brings the outpost under the protectorate of the Bashurit officially and becomes the primary locale where the Bashurit interact with the outside world.

1760 (Year 66 Age 23)

On the 19th day of the Descending Sun, a group, bolstered by Guild assassins and led by Sythas Magekiller, declared open war on the streets of Allanak. Capitalizing on citywide discontent over the new station of Gemmed mages to gain support, they quickly outnumbered the city's regular watch and slaughtered large numbers of Gemmed. The violence peaked with the deaths of hundreds of mages and their supporters daily until Sythas was executed by a Templar. To this day, Sythas is seen by some as a hero and by others as a bringer of destruction. The event, known as Magefall, remains a divisive banner in the city. The Gemmed, who had built goodwill during a previous famine, saw their reputation nearly destroyed by this event. Houses Oash, Jal, and Tor endured significant public backlash for years.