Sample Descriptions

Here are just a few samples of descriptions you might find in game.


  • Kaliya al'Seik. artist: Astilwel
    "Kaliya al'Seik"

    Player artwork by Astilwel

Female Humans

Short Description: the thin, fiery-haired woman

Gangly limbs extend from the thin torso of this freckle-faced woman. Though
her overall structure is thin and narrow, she appears to be in fit condition
with adequate musculature. Her long arms hang from lightly-tanned, narrow
shoulders, ending in bony fingers and fingernails kept short and relatively
neat. She has dimpled cheeks, plump and rosy, beneath sparkling blue eyes and
flanking a small, upturned nose. Her lips appear to be stained a deep red and
stretch thin above a rounded chin. Fiery-red hair sweeps down around her face,
pooling up in a tangle of tight curls at her shoulders.
Donated by Inkpot

Short Description: the qiry, tan-haired woman 

Soaring above five cords in height, this woman's ratty hair hangs limply in
bronze-tipped brown locks to her shoulders. Her Krath-tanned form is slender
and wiry, not much more than skin, bone, and just enough toned musculature to
survive. A barely-noticeable swell to her bosom and hips mark her as female. 
She has sharp facial features; high cheekbones and slanted brows give her
amber eyes a predatory appearance, while thin lips and beakish nose complete
her visage.  Extending from a short-waisted torso, her limbs and neck appear
thin, skin taut over unimpressive muscles. Her arms end in spidery long
fingers, while over-long legs conclude with large narrow feet. The overall
appearance is that of a typical common-caste woman fully into adulthood.
Donated by Twistedakai

Male Humans

Short Description: the swarthy, goateed man

This tall, human male's waist-long ebon hair is typically kept braided,
hanging down his back and secured at the ends.  His naturally dark skin is
darkened further, nearly black in hue, by the rays of Suk-Krath. Coarse,
fibrous hair covers all visible parts of the man's body, but is groomed on his
face into a long, black goatee that hangs nearly to his bulging chest.  Thick,
densely-corded arms tell of a life of physical endeavor, and calloused hands
confirm the tale.  Lighter lines of glossy scar tissue crisscross much of the
man's visible skin, and a jagged scar cuts through at the outer corner of his
dark brown left eye to his sunken cheekbone.
Donated by Viv

Short Description: the pale, sorrel-haired human

Standing slightly shorter than average for his race, this human male's
reddish-brown hair is often combed into a semblance of neatness, bound back from
his face. His tanned skin casts an olive hue wrapped around a lithe, slender
figure. He carries his lithe, compactly-muscled physique on a graceful, dancer's
frame. His smooth face is angular and dark-browed, with grey-green eyes shaded
by the bushy chestnut brows. His nose is long and thin with a slightly  curved
tip that ends just above the soft flesh of his slim lips.
Donated by Invisible Lizard

Short Description: the rugged, bald young man

This man's darkly tanned skin lends a rugged tone to his smooth, well-muscled
frame.  Wiry, ropy muscles adorn his arms, each of which sport one long, pale,
thin scar stretching from elbow to wrist. His legs are equally constructed, with
hardened calves and thighs. His hands are thick and calloused, with the fibrous
scars of a burn victim lining his knuckles and backs of his meaty hands. His
head is bald and shines like polished obsidian decorated with an intricately
detailed tattoo that resembles a white crown of claws. Bushy white eyebrows
perch atop his wide-set slate grey eyes. Beneath his bold broad nose, thick lips
and a sharp jawline further define his physical identity.  Although he bears
laugh-lines around his eyes and faint wrinkles at the corners of his lips, he
appears otherwise youthful, still in the blossoming years of adulthood.
Donated by Inkpot


  • Zarajiri of the Sun Runners. artist: Ourla
    "Zarajiri of the Sun Runners"

    Player artwork by Ourla

Female Elves

Short Description: the dark-haired, grey-eyed elf

Imperious, dark grey eyes sweep arrogantly across the surroundings of this tall
female elf.  Most of her head is shaven, however glossy, blue-black hair runs in
a neat thick line from the edge of her hairline back over her scalp, spilling
into a plume between her shoulder-blades. Her face is lean and pale, marked by a
trace of cruelty; her lips, when relaxed, are set into a slight, cynical smile.
An elaborate spiraling star in hues of indigo and purple has been tattooed
around her left eye, framing it. Her form is lean and wiry, well muscled.
Taken from an NPC description

Male Elves

Short Description: the tattooed dreadlocked elf

Spiky dreadlocks running in a thin, straight line from his forehead to the nape
of his neck cover this large, muscular elf's head.  His skull is shaven on 
either side of the strip of dreadlocks, and the skin there is tattooed in 
intricate black patterns. A crooked nose, apparently oft-broken, is perched 
above thin lips, which conceal a mouthful of crooked and broken teeth. Scars 
cover both of his cheeks, forming a glossy mass of tissue too patterned to be 
Donated by Viv

Short Description: the portly, topknotted elf

Large, almond shaped brown eyes gaze out of the round, darkly-tanned face of
this middle-aged elf. Unusually portly for his race, his body is defined more by
curves than sharp angles. A single braided topknot hangs from his otherwise
bald, shiny head. His fleshy cheeks are covered with blue tattoos which outline
glossy patterns of ritual scarring. His hands  are also covered in the same
repetitious blue designs of ink encircling scar tissue.
Donated by Viv

Short Description: the spiral-branded elf

The bald head of this elf is puckered with a mass of glossy black scar tissue 
that shines brightly in the light against the deep black hue of his skin.  The 
scar tissue forms in a spiral moving outward from the center of his forehead, 
bisecting his right eye before swirling towards the crown of his head, then 
swooping down in front of his left ear and moving across his nose and lips, 
before circling again behind his head, until the spiraling line of tissue 
swings back to rest at the center of his throat. In between the raised welts of
the spiral, startling white tattoos of various runes and sigils gleam against 
the elf's ebon skin. A beefy neck slopes downward to a muscular frame, showing 
very little of the typical elven lankiness, and none of the traditional height 
of elves.
Donated by Viv


Female half-elves:

Short Description: the massive, sun-bronzed female half-elf

This muscular half-elven woman has dark, sun-bronzed skin that shines brightly 
in the light.  Her body is massive, almost comparable to a mul of the same 
gender.  She has thick legs that show obvious lower body power and endurance, 
the large muscles bulging beneath her skin.  Across her stomach are muscles 
sprouting from everywhere, rippling with the slightest movement.  Enormous 
chest muscles span her torso, dwarfing the considerable muscle in her shoulders, 
which hold bulky, muscular arms. She has a thick bull-neck that supports a face
that may have once been beautiful, but is now masculine and scarred. She has 
thin, cracked lips, tiny scars surrounding them in appearance of chaos. She has
a thin, crooked nose, bumps showing from the many breaks. The splendor of her 
light blue eyes is dampened by the rugged look of her face, particularly the 
long scar running from the corner of her eye down her cheek. Above her eyes is 
the beginning of her coppery hair, which has been pulled back tightly into a 
Donated by Inkpot
  • Wastewalker. artist: aCureForCancer

    Player artwork by aCureForCancer

Male Half-Elves

Short Description: the lanky, eerie-eyed half-elf

The half-elf before you is thin and lanky, with corded muscle visible on his 
body.  His slim, muscular limbs are long, with his arms a little lengthy 
compared to the rest of his body. His narrow shoulders rest atop a thin chest 
that looks almost emaciated, ribs protruding slightly beneath the skin. He has 
a blockish face, with a square jaw and a large chin, with a dimple in the 
center of it. Above this are his lips, which never seem to close all the way, 
keeping his yellowish front teeth visible. He has a hooked nose, which almost 
seems to bend enough to touch his mouth. He has two eyes with no pupils, which 
gives his gaze an eerie quality. Starting above his right eye, a scar runs 
downward to the edge of his eye socket to stop. It starts again on the other 
side, then curls up to meet his nostril, which flares slightly as he breathes. 
He has black hair, which hangs unkempt, curling behind his sharply pointed ears.
Donated by Inkpot


Female Dwarves

Short Description: the blood-tattooed dwarven woman

Stalwart in every aspect, this powerfully-built dwarven woman would look like a
man of her kind if not for her sizable breasts.  Even so, the impression one 
gets is that even these are formed from rock-solid muscle rather than anything 
else. Her skin is a lightly-tanned brown, and is tattooed in such a way that 
most, or perhaps all, of her blood vessels are highlighted in a dark red.  This
gives her a bizarre appearance; from far away, she looks as if she wears a net 
of some kind, and close up, it is as if her skin is made from irregular scales.
Her gleaming eyes are dark brown, and look out sternly from her broad, rugged 
Taken from an NPC description

Male Dwarves

Short Descrription: the blockish, brown-eyed dwarf

This blockish form has two short, muscular legs that support a massive body 
that ripples menacingly with muscle. This body holds up broad, well-defined 
shoulders that sport bulky arms with enormous muscles poking from beneath the 
darkly tanned skin. His hairless head contains two dark brown eyes that glitter
ominously. He has a large, bulbous nose that is crooked from the obvious breaks
its sustained, which rests above lips that have been marred from past fist 
fights. He has a square jaw that rests close to his thick neck. Atop his 
scarred head, there is a vague tattoo of a skull.