How to Connect

Just as you need a web browser to view html documents, you will need a telnet client to log into the game. Many different clients have been developed over the years with different interfaces and features, but in general they are more similar than they are different.

Just as with any software, if you want a local client, you will need to download and install it by visiting the links provided.

Windows Users

For Windows users, we recommend MUSHClient, but some players prefer other clients like SimpleMU, GMUD, CMUD, and ZMUD.

There is also community support for a graphical mud client found at

Mac Users

For Mac users, we recommend Atlantis, but some players also like Savitar.

Logging In

Once you have your MUD client installed, you will need to tell it what address to go to. In MUSHClient, you will choose 'New World' from the file menu. The 'World Name' is whatever you want to call it, we recommend 'Armageddon'. In the 'MUD address and port' box you will want to put '' in the field next to 'TCP/IP address' and 4050 as the port.

Other clients may vary somewhat in how you input this information, but they all want to know the same thing:, port 4050

If you're having trouble connecting with that address, try this one:, port 4050

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