Tip: When something on this page is preceded by a >, the text that follows the > is what you might type into your game window.

Entering the Game and Choosing Your City

As you enter the game with your character, you will be in an Out-Of-Character (OOC) room called The Hall Of Kings. In this room, you can get scars for your character, and you must pick the starting city for your character.

As a new player to ArmageddonMUD, it is highly recommended to pick Allanak. You do this by typing:

>point allanak
You will be transported to the sleeping room of the main tavern of your chosen city.

If you are from Tuluk, you will first visit a room to receive the citizenship tattoos that all Tuluki citizens have. To get these tattoos, you should:

>buy 1 hands
>buy 2 neck
Then walk >up to proceed into the game world.

Inventory and Equipment

To check your inventory, you can type >inventory or >inv or even just >i. (Many, but not all, game commands can be abbreviated in similar ways.) It will display the items you are holding "in your hands". They are not wielded or equipped, just items that you have in your hands.

In your inventory is a random amount of obsidian coins. These coins are considered to be whatever capital your background can supply. Good examples of how to perceive this are: a gift from your family, the gain from a last robbery, past savings before starting a new life or pay given through an employer who recently let you go. You also start out with a torch, and some food and water.

You are carrying:
A torch
858 obsidian coins
A few pieces of burnt meat
A waterskin

To see what you are wearing, you can type >equipment or >equip or >eq. It will display the items you are wearing and you are wielding. These are the items that protect you, and what people see when they look at you. To start with you are given a backpack and some basic items of clothing. To learn about shopping for better equipment, visit the Shops page in the Gameplay section of this website.

You are using:
<worn across back>       a rough canvas backpack
<worn on torso>          a sleeveless cotton vest
<worn on legs>           a pair of rough canvas pants
<worn on feet>           a pair of grey hide boots

Tip: You should put your coins away, rather than leaving them in your inventory, where they are more vulnerable to thieves.

>open backpack
>put coins backpack
>close backpack


One of the first things you might notice is your prompt. The prompt will appear at the base of your screen and will display whatever information you choose to include. Most players like to keep track of their health (hp), stun points (st), and their stamina, also known as movement points (mv).

Your prompt is completely customizable; you can see your options by typing >help prompt.

You will have a default prompt that looks something like this:

110/115 hp, 119/121 mv, 111/116 st>

HP is hit points or health - exactly what it sounds like. Movement points are used for movement over rough terrain (outside the city) or for exhausting tasks. Stun points represent consciousness, and are used up when you use mental communications ("The Way"), or can be lowered by hard blows in combat, especially blows to the head, neck, or torso.

Tip: Other players will notice if your character becomes injured or fatigued, and you should not ignore these indicators of your character's status. The best way to recover from fatigue or injury is, of course, rest. But be warned - when your character is asleep or has fallen unconscious because they are out of stun points, they are more vulnerable to theft.
You are Malik
Keywords: tall muscular man
Sdesc: the tall, muscular man
Long Description:
Code Generated Long Description.
You are 25 years, 0 months, and 5 days old,
 which by your race and appearance is adult.
You are 70 inches tall, and weigh 7 ten-stone.
Your strength is average, your agility is average,
  your wisdom is average, and your endurance is average.
You are neither hungry nor thirsty.
Your health is 100(100), you have 120(120) stamina, and 100(100) stun.

You have been playing for 0 days and 0 hours.
You are standing.
You are currently speaking sirihish with a northern accent.


The next command you might want to explore is the >score command. This gives you a variety of information about your character, looking somewhat like this:

Most of this information is self-explanatory, but we'll explore a few of these items.


Characters interact with other characters using keywords. This character's keywords are Malik, tall, muscular, and man. If I wanted to attack you, I would type >kill malik or >kill tall or >kill man. If I wanted to give you an object, like a ginka fruit, I would type >give ginka muscular. The ginka fruit's keywords are ginka and fruit. You can add more keywords to your character, but you cannot remove keywords. People would add keywords if they wanted to create a nickname for themselves, or if they wanted to have a different name in a different city. Check out >help addkeyword for more information.


The objective is a short, Out-Of-Character (OOC) reference to what you want to accomplish with the character, or if you are requesting staff intervention. You can change your objective at any time. For more information, see >help objective.
>change objective Waiting for reimbursement from lost items in crash
>change objective Wanting to find a master swordsman
>change objective To be the best cook in the known world

Long Description:

This is how your character is seen when people are in the same room as you, and they type >look. You can change your ldesc; for more information, check out >help ldesc. In this case, "Code Generated" means it has a default one, depending on your situation. Some examples are:

The tall, muscular man is standing here.
The tall, muscular man is sleeping here.
The tall, muscular man is sitting at a long, scarred bar of agafari wood.


Your stats are randomly rolled, but you were allowed to set a priority of which ones should be higher than another when you created the character. Your stats are affected by your class and your age. If you make a very young character, or very old character, you will have less desirable stats. As a Zalanthan year passes (6 real life weeks), your character will age, and there is a chance to increase/decrease your stats, automatically. From worst to best, the order of stats is poor, below average, average, above average, good, very good, extremely good, exceptional, and absolutely incredible. Nevertheless, average really is average. If you are unhappy with your beginning stats, you have a chance to >reroll. If you don't like the second set of stats, you can >reroll undo (so you can pick the best of two rolls). Rerolls can only happen within the first 2 hours of gameplay. Check out >help reroll for more information.

Tip: Although you, the player, know what your stats are, your character shouldn't make explicit reference to them. This information is provided for your information only, and an experienced player would never say, "I have absolutely incredible strength!"

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